1 Day Wonders of Liverpool ONE

If you’re a Liverpool veteran – do you remember the times that Liverpool ONE wasn’t around?

What about Dodo’s on the corner which led to the bus stops… Quiggins on the corner… and then what felt like a hefty walk to finally reach the Albert Dock? I remember it. I was young, but I remember it.

It’s amazing to see the development of the city, and Liverpool ONE was one of those glorious things to come to our city. I’m a huge advocate for Independents – and Independent Liverpool support that amazingly well – but I love a lot of things in  Liverpool, and this shopping centre is definitely a necessity that helps expand our stamp on being a fantastic place to live in and visit.

If you’re thinking what to do as a family, as friends – on a sunny day or not – here’s my Top Tips for toppling around Liverpool ONE next time you’re in town…

1 Day Wonders of Liverpool ONE


This is all about luxury today, and I would say if it’s a bit dreary outside – head inside to the Odeon. It’s well known in the city, but have you tried out The Gallery?

TIP: If you LOVE Nachos, Popcorn and Chocolate PLUS you don’t have the deals of 241 at all – it is well worth spending the money to upgrade to The Gallery. You get unlimited stuff in there, a belter view on a couch and you will usually spend less by getting these tickets. Book early though for the big watches! We went to see the new Star Wars in there – and it was epic. Even more so when you add in UNLIMITED NACHOS. (If you know me well, you know my favourite food in the world is Odeon Nachos and anything covered in Nutella.)



1 Day Wonders of Liverpool ONE


If you want something to stay entertained – this can be perfect for families, friends, couples – galore. With it’s fun flare, it’s a great way to spend the day without heading straight to the shops.

TIP: Great place to take the kids and keep them entertained, but I would say – take advantage of this place later on. Kids aren’t allowed in past 8pm, and the bar is open until 10.30pm. Don’t just head home when the shopping is done. Get a round of golf in with cocktails and see who is the true champ! My boyfriend and I went here on one of our first ‘dates’ (Do people call it that still? We’ve been together 8 years so I’m outta’ the game here) and I always remember that I beat him AND got a hole in one. Winner.


1 Day Wonders of Liverpool ONE


When the weather in Liverpool is good, it’s MARVELLOUS. Everyone is beaming – with smiley faces and an air of ‘I’m not in work, I’m enjoying myself!’. Whether it’s with family or not, I’d always encourage people to get outside and soak up the sun.

TIP: Chavasse Park is amazing when the sun is out, and if you’re with the kids – it’s a great way to connect with them, and nature, once all the leisurely strolls around the shops is done. I would say to take advantage of the Nature Trail. Available from the 3rd of April, it offers kids aged 4 – 11 a chance to interact with the natural environment and learn about the wild and wonderful that call it home. The trail begins with a ‘warm-up’ on Thomas Steers Way – opposite the giant Sugar House Steps – and it’s when the adventurer can be released in all of us!

If you’re wanting to soak up the sun – and some Fruity Mocktails or Gin Time – then I would say to head to The Club House in Chavasse Park. It has a fantastic outside bar, and in the summer, they bring out all the deck chairs. It makes you feel like you’re a million miles away from the usual Liverpool!



I love this place, and I held a blogger event a while ago. I loved it; the guys there were great! It’s a huge hall filled with Ping Pong Tables, Pool Tables, Beer Pong… just a load of fun things really. Plus, food and drinks. What’s not to love?

TIP: If it is a sunny day, head here for the Roof Top Bar! It’s a little escape from the hustle and bustle, plus you can nip in and carry on the fun when things get rowdy over who REALLY is the best at sports…



Eating in Liverpool ONE is always a hard choice, because there are so many right there on your door step. I’m going to tell you My 3 Favourites… 

Cosy Club for the interior design that transports you – and awesome food.
Five Guys for better than life milkshakes and cheeseburgers – totally worth the price for me.
Turtle Bay for the atmosphere that takes you to the Caribbean – and lip-tinglingly tasty grub.



Last, but certainly not least – a day around Liverpool ONE can give you quite a surprise if you’re lucky enough to hit a day with one of their topical events. From Rock ‘n’ Roll bingo at Bierkeller to Baby Book Club – you can find something brand new that will keep you entertained in L1.

TIP: Take a look at the Events page on the Liverpool ONE website for all the planned events so you can get it in your diary!

I love a good MOOCH around the shops, but it’s everything else about it which makes Liverpool ONE so epic in the city. 1 wondrous day with many memories…


Written in collaboration with Liverpool ONE



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