According to Body Image Statitics:

60% of adults report feeling ashamed of the way they look.

That’s not right. I think health and fitness should be promoted, it’s something that has a direct effect on our entire life. Media has a huge impact on a lot of young lives. We should be thinking HEALTHY, not DIET. I’m a really bad example for this…

When I heard that one of our #LIVBLOGGERS were working with Gymcube, I was intrigued to know more. I popped them an email, and they were more than happy with me trialling the membership. I’ve got the Top 10 Reasons Why You Need GymCube and why you should be part of the team right now.


LIVE is taking over social. With Instagram robbing a leaf from Snapchat, and Facebook launching LIVE feeds to all users, it’s safe to say that this type of coverage is up and coming. GymCube have captivated this momentum and incorporated LIVE workouts on the website and through social media. It keeps you in the moment and makes you look forward to working out with the rest of the virtual team. You get instant feedback when you see your team logging on, and the motivation is real and raw.



LIVE is a big element of Facebook, a feature which I think sets GymCube apart from other online training programmes. GymCube have created a Closed Group on Facebook that allows each and every user to be consumed with determination. Working together in the social atmosphere works surprisingly well, and being able to respond instantly and view others’ feedback gets you fired up and ready for the next session. Kevin, (the next reason) chats daily over LIVE video – working through peoples problems, offering advice and hosting LIVE workouts. It’s fantastic, and you can see how many people enjoy it.



The man himself. Kevin Foster-Wiltshire is the drive and determination behind GymCube. He’s number 1 because of how he’s included each and every member personally. Posting on Facebook is one thing; he responds to his users with experience and advice that is direct to you. Not a very blasé fix that couldn’t possibly work for everyone.

One thing that stood out to me was when Kevin got in touch personally. He asked how I was getting on, and how my diet was day to day. If I had any questions, to give him a shout. So I did. I told him my daily habits, and within minutes he’d responded with a personal video sent straight to me. This video outlined everything I was doing wrong and how to make efficient and healthy changes. He gave me the reasons why, not just the answer. I understand more with his explanation. It was a problem specific to me, and his direct approach has helped me figure out moving forward in my eating habits. Kevin was motivational, encouraging and happy to help more if I wanted to send him a food diary. His advice was to test out foods, and not be afraid of it. Not to miss any meals. Testing out food and tracking how it affected my mood. It was a fantastically personal element to GymCube that I’ve told so many people about, and they’ve been impressed.



The website is a touch of branding genius, working seamlessly. With reels of videos that can be filtered easily in order to direct your focus, it’s a resource centre that you can adapt to your own lifestyle. What I really like is that this site is young, and Kevin always seems to be taking on feedback to improve. He speaks to his customers; his GymCube team.


The price point is always a touchy subject, but for the support and ease – it’s a worthwhile investment. You have one-to-one advice that is invaluable at the touch of a button. If you want this at the gym, you’re looking at a personal trainer style of working out, which can be pricey.



Life is all over the place for most people, and it can be hard to get to the gym if your lifestyle isn’t too friendly with free time. I understand the appeal of the gym, and I enjoy it. However, GymCube offers that online community to support and motivate you at the times that suit you. Taking a half hour or hour out of your day is much easier when you’re at home – with no cost of travel or travel time. It’s easy to log in and get the most up to date workouts online or over Facebook. It’s easy to see what’s going on when scrolling through Facebook and getting that advice you’ve always been looking for. It’s easy because there is a virtual team behind you, rearing you to go!


Ongoing updates over Facebook were a huge motivation for me. I could see people getting involved, and seeing results – I wanted that to be me. So I logged on and would workout, simple. Motivation is the one thing that always failed me. When it comes to my blog, I’m ready to go. But when it comes to working out, it takes something interesting to keep me going. All these aspects combined woke me up.



Progress can be recorded over the website, which is great. It’s tailored to you and your lifestyle, so the team can help you in the best possible way. You can track your workouts, and upload your progress photos to see how much you’ve changed. This is one that really self-motivates. If you can see what you look like, and you’re not happy – you can see them changes. You can see your hard work paying off.



Videos and videos galore, and they’re not all for you. Which is a good thing! You can filter out the videos that don’t suit your needs and then you’re left with the perfect solution. With so many programmes to choose from, I found a few that caught my eye. They all felt genuine and helpful. All were easy to use at home, with most videos not needing any equipment, which is always a bonus.


Help with Nutrition is one that I think makes GymCube the ultimate. Gym is one problem, but your diet is another. With the news telling us you need this, and you need that – it’s hard to know what you should actually be eating. GymCube offer to teach and provide you with the knowledge that allows you to work with your own needs. Ben Coomber works through each aspect of your diet, with a video to explain – plus a downloadable pdf that you can keep for reference and to help you along the way. Add this to the personal advice you’ll receive if you’re getting stuck, it’s a combination that ticks all the boxes.



Stats3Slight suggestions that I think would enhance this website is integrating in a calendar that allows you to add and plan your video choices. Friday I’ll be doing this at 11am. Saturday I’ll be doing this at 10am. I enjoy planning and I like to see when I can fit in fitness around my schedule. Once it’s in the diary, it’s sorted.

Another would be for all to have an example fitness regime like the example here…

I found this really helpful, however not many had it. But it would be great for more to be included.

Thank you so much to the GymCube Team for allowing me to test out the website!

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