Barley & Beans

If you’re looking at the Sun today and wondering, I shoulda’ went somewhere today for a milkshake; a sweet treat to enjoy this sun. You’re next stop should always be Barley & Beans for a freakshake. A secret gem of Hatton Garden in the city centre. Why I hear you ask?

  1. They’re deceivingly huge

Like HUGE though. I picked a Nutella Brownie and had cream, candy floss, 3 brownies, 3 little doughnuts, 1 big doughnut, chocolate sauce AND a milkshake.

2. They make you famous

We actually had people taking photos of these freakshakes. OBVS not from Liverpool and were totally in awe at these creations. That proves just how much of a showstopper they are!

3. They’re devilishly delicious

Not just do they look amazing, but they taste amazing. Fresh treat and sweets to make you slobber all over the show. That cool chocolate shake was perfect on a sunny day in the city.

Barley and Beans

Barley and Beans


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