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Liverpool Bloggers - Berry and Rye

What do you see when you look at these three? I see something I long to understand, and wish I could be that classy gal sipping an Old Fashioned at the bar.

Heading down to Berry and Rye, I actually got that chance to be that girl. Well, maybe not so classy after walking through torrential rain – thanks Liverpool!

Joe, the bartender was aces. Chatting away the night, nestled in the most warm and cosy corner of the city. Shout Out to Berry and Rye here; it’s such a special place. With limited capacity, you don’t wait at the bar, they come to you. You sit, enjoy, and revel in the company you’re with while drinking quality cocktails from another era. It’s a beautiful bar filled with archaic potions of alcohol that invite you in with history, and slams the door shut to a modern society, which sometimes – you just need a break from. I visited here a while back and it was just as magical…

Liverpool Bloggers - Berry and Rye Liverpool Bloggers - Berry and Rye Liverpool Bloggers - Berry and Rye

We headed to Berry and Rye to try out 3 Whiskey sensations from the guys at American Whiskey. I loved listening to the process and the enormous effort that goes into producing this alcohol. The three we tasted were:

Jack Daniels: In 1866, an American legend was born when a young Jasper “Jack” Newton Daniel unveiled his whiskey with the motto: “Every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can.” It was a statement of independence that still holds true today. 

Woodford Reserve: A contemporary expression of the time-tested craft of making whiskey, the Woodford Reserve Distillery is a small-batch craft distiller that sits in a unique position: making a bourbon with roots in the past but made for today.

Old Forester: The taste of Old Forester is the taste of authenticity. Ever since 1870 when Brown-Forman founder George Garvin Brown became the first person to start selling bourbon in sealed glass bottles, Old Forester has been at the heart of the American whiskey story.

Liverpool Bloggers - Berry and Rye Liverpool Bloggers - Berry and Rye

If you’re like me, not a Whiskey drinker – this might just make you look at it all that little bit differently.

‘Woody’ is a thing

When making Whiskey, they are kept in a barrel that is not the ordinary kind. The ‘Coopers’ use no nails and no glue to keep them together, so not one thing can interfere with the taste. Barrels made by hand contributes to the quality flavour. Fiery fun from the furnace fuses flavours together by ‘toasting’ which activates the flavours in the wood ready to mature for us tasters. Only then is the barrel filled. Long business, right?

Where the barrels are kept actually makes a difference

When barrels and barrels are lined and ready; in waiting to be aged – it’s exact position could actual effect the taste. Too close to the top of the pile; will the heat rise? Too close to the floor; will it be too cold? Middle is looking all toasty, but is that a good thing? The ways and wonders of Whiskey, ay!

The Angels Share

Whiskey loses part of its volume by the time it is ready for bottling which Whiskey lovers call ‘The Angels Share’. It’s referring to the whiskey that is lost with evaporation during the ageing process. Love this little fact.

Go’on. Go tell the family!


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