3 Tips for Deadline Day

Deadline day. I’m super organised, which is definitely a slight OCD obsession, meaning I finished my work a week ago. Seeing students stress on Twitter has made me think – phewwwww. I’m done! But it’s also scared me. What the hell do we do now?

As of 12 tonight, the deadline is over, and June 29th is the next big day in my life where I found out if I’ve passed. Which I don’t want to be dramatic, so IS probable unless many things have been lost in cyberspace. More so, I find out how well I’ve passed, and whether I hit that 2:1 which I am hoping for. However, I will be getting these results whilst sipping a Pina Colada on a beach in Thailand – so good news or bad, I’ll be happy.

In all seriousness though, what do us new graduates do? Travel? Full-time job? Time out?

It’s all these choices and the decisions that now impact our entire life that balances on our still young shoulders. I don’t think you ever truly grow up; I still feel 16 years old at the grand age of 22.

Although I moaned for 3 years about not wanting to follow journalism as a career, I now have a void. I have no workload, and it’s really strange.

I love learning. That sounds strange, but I do. I like to be moving on the bigger and better thing. So all I’ve been doing recently is work on my blog, as that is something that truly interests me at the moment.

With this, I’ve landed myself a PR Assistant Internship with a London-based magazine – Intern Magazine. Strange, because it’s a site design to find internships, but I have virtual internship with the company itself. It’s early days, but I’m enjoying the back and forth interaction with the editor and where it’s heading. I’ll be keeping my blog posts up to date with all this information now, as I am taking the direction of newbie PR Girl in Fashion.

I loved university; it’s homely feel and sense of security. I hated the strict nature, and wanted to be more creative. So now I have this freedom, I’m trying to get as much experience as possible.

For me, I’ve applied for a few jobs that I think would be PERFECT for me, but if I don’t get an interview – I’m not a down doll. I’m quite looking forward to chilling a little, but still having the time to gain experience and learn – with my blog, and the internship. I have Thailand, and then after that … maybe then I can figure out my future.


  1. Apply for experience:

I would use this time wisely. Everyone is asking for experience now, so why not take some time out and even one or two days a week, get a placement in your chosen field. When you go searching for jobs, your CV is greatly enhanced.

  1. Enjoy your freedom

You’re not going to get it again. And remember all those deadlines? Horrific! Chill out, and do things you’ve always wanted to. Once you get a job, this time will be something you would give good money for.

  1. Make a loose set of goals

Enjoy your time, perhaps get some experience – but plan what you want to do. This doesn’t even have to be specific, more a loose general plan.

I want to go travelling for a year then get a job.

I want to get a full time job and save for a flat.

I want to stay with my mum and dad and see how long it takes to go mad.

Just a little plan where you can settle your mind but not feel bogged down by not completing it, as they are such long-term plans.

Let me know if you’ve just left university, and how you’re feeling! I mustn’t be on my own!


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