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Kilner Jars.

Blogger Event.

Are you just as baffled as me right now? Well, it happened. And it was actually one of the best events I’ve been to!

Bloggers are crafty. We love DIY, we love to do things on our own, and we love jars. Maybe it’s just me, but jars seem to be the best thing ever and I’m not ashamed to proclaim my love of glass. You can make so many things from an average jar, so when the Kilner Event came to REX – I was like a kid in a candy shop. With everyone a little bewildered by the event, it was such a refreshing surprise to be welcomed to an evening that treated us to fun at every turn.

Why Kilner? — “The original jar is as much-loved and successful now as it was 120 years ago. Its long-lasting popularity is owed to its distinctive pressure seal and iconic design. Put simply, households all over the world trust it to successfully preserve and pickle their fruit and vegetables.”

This is why I loved them so much at the REX Event…


These are all the rage at the moment, and what better to make your own mini-freak with a Kilner jar that is oh, so sweet! With strawberry milk, chocolate cream and treats on top – what could be better to slam dunk the jar theme? We could make our own, with the help of one the elves working on the event. Built up and topped with brownies, mine was delicious. It made me so much more happy because it was in a mini Kilner jar. It was the jar-size equivalent to me!

Liverpool Bloggers - Kilner / Rex Liverpool Bloggers - Kilner / RexLiverpool Bloggers - Kilner / Rex


Fun jars filled with the glorious thing that is gin. Now someone said a shot, so I went all for it knocking it back. And all it was was a small gin taster. How silly of me! It was delicious, with various flavours and tasters for us to try. Infused with different sweets or fruits, there was one to try for everyone. I loved the colours and the festive feel that came along with this event. It really has welcomed in the Christmas spirit!

Liverpool Bloggers - Kilner / Rex


Just look at these! One with Pimms, one with Vodka, one with water. The Pimms and Vodka had been crafted beautifully, and were warm and comforting. Not like when you’re out in Gbar and Vodka is your go-to. They were fresh, and went perfectly in our own Kilner jar. I love this, and really would like to get one for Christmas day while the family are around.

Liverpool Bloggers - Kilner / Rex


Bakchich attended the event, filling those Kilner jars with fresh avocado humous and fresh yoghurt with dried fruits. They were just what were needed to top off the event, and I took one home for my Dad because I knew he would love it… and he did.

Liverpool Bloggers - Kilner / Rex


The lady here is the absolute sweetest! She was so popular by the time I got to her – she’d ran out of bars! How stupid of me not to head straight to the chocolate. Lesson learnt! I remember this lady when they were on Hanover Street and they served the best hot chocolate ever. Now, she works from home and provides events and workshops. The chocolate is magnificent; if you think all chocolate is the same – then you need to try this. She had a pot of melted chocolate that I just wanted to put my face in, but I don’t think that would be socially acceptable.

Liverpool Bloggers - Kilner / Rex Liverpool Bloggers - Kilner / Rex Liverpool Bloggers - Kilner / Rex

Kilner Jars – pardon the pun, and ‘touch wood’ – you smashed it.

I’m fully converted to jar-loving and choosing Kilner as my secret weapon for all things.

Liverpool Bloggers - Kilner / Rex



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