5 Places I Need To Eat In Liverpool

I love Liverpool, as you might have guessed. And nothing makes me happier than to hear about a place I haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting. Whether they’ve been here a while, or are brand new – these 5 places are on my list of where I need to eat in Liverpool. I’m coming for you!


  1. The Baltic Social < Click for their contact

I’m sure everyone has been here, and I feel ashamed that I haven’t. I’ve heard top things about this place, and one thing I want to try is their Punk Afternoon Tea. The usual is replaced with Cheeseburgers and Chicken Wings. That’s right up my street! Plus BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH on offer I now see from their Instagram!



2. Apocalypse Cow < Click for their contact

This one is actually my sister’s, friends, others half’s businesses. That sounds like a long list! But they’ve had this place for a while and my Sis can’t stop raving about it. With meat to make you drool, these guys have bagged a new place in town – sat nestled at Ghetto Golf. This BBQ heaven is one on my list to visit. It reminds me of America food, and that is my FAVOURITE food. My stomach actually just growled!!



3. Xiringuito < Click for their contact *** WELL, I posted this and found out it’s gone. OOWER. Not happy! So will replace number 3 below…***

This one I have seen pictures of all over Instagram and it looks awesome! The menu sounds so delicious too, sending out vibes that are all me. It’s a different kind of menu; not the norm – which I totally appreciate. For example, a Curried soft shell crab burger. Yes. I’m excited for this one!


NEW 3. Free State Kitchen < Click for their contact

I think this will kill a LOT of people in Liverpool that I haven’t been here, because it seems to be the burger capital of the city. I’m sorry, but it’s on the list guys! I see polls on Twitter glorifying who has the best burgers, and I’m always seeing Free State Kitchen at the top of the burger-bun-pack. I think the barbecue cheeseburger is going to win my heart, because it says ‘baconnaise’. Marry me.

Free State Kitchen

4.Clockworks < Click for their contact

I’ve heard through friend that the fella’ who started this place up is pretty amazing. The food looks like something off the tele, and I mean that in the best way. But the place looks more like I wouldn’t have to be dressed to the nines – again, in the best way! I love that contrast of a quirky place with an epic looking menu. Another one I’ve been looking forward to.



5. Grove Beer Tap and Grill < Click for their contact

This one looks like it has a great spot to sit out when the sun rays are out to play – like they have been the last few days. Let’s hope it stays that way! With lots of beer on offer, it looks like a Friday night here will do me the world of good. But their menu also looks top notch, with a few steaks on offer that have definitely caught my eye. And the burgers…. drool.



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