Santa Maluco

I’ve been here before, and I’ll be here again. I remember the launch event an it was super busy, you can read about it here. BUT this experience made me fall in love with Santa Maluco and it’s Friday Night Vibes.

Why? Well I have 5 Reasons Why. And it all revolves around the one thing that makes everyone smile. PIZZA.

You’re In Control¬†– The Etiquette

The idea of all you can eat pizza has gotta’ make everyone happy, right? If you order the Pizza Rodizio then you get fresh pizza all handmade with and perfectly prepared by the wood fired oven. You’re given a spinner (unsure on the actual name, but that thing above twirling around) and it lets you choose:

“Yes, more pizza”
“Gimme’ 5 minutes”
“Stop, I’m done for”
“Time for dessert”

Well – along those lines. And you choose what you want. Simple! You’re in control.

Liverpool Bloggers - Santa Maluco Liverpool Bloggers - Santa Maluco

No Secret Santa Here – The Surroundings

The place is designed pretty quirky. With the bar, the kitchen and the dining all in the same room – it’s an intimate affair. But one that creates atmosphere, and a buzz around the place. It’s weird and wonderful features make it recognisable. With windows seats – that I couldn’t quite capture on my camera because we were sitting in one – is really cute. But they also have long tables, that gets people together. It’s very much a relaxed place, where socialising is the main event.

Liverpool Bloggers - Santa Maluco

Sit Back, Relax. No Rush – The Vibe

The vibe at Santa Maluco is chilled. I think it’s the perfect place to go for a catch up with friends, when you don’t want to rush through a meal but instead have a few drinks, eat, chat, eat, drink – until you become a pizza mess. But it’s the best type of mess! If you’re absolutely starving though, I’d maybe try out the other dishes they have to offer. Rodizio is my FAVE though!

Liverpool Bloggers - Santa Maluco

Sweet Stuff – The Dessert

We switched our spinner to dessert time, expecting a menu to fall to us. But no – we were greeted with what must be my favourite thing in the entire world. NUTELLA pizza with strawberries, Oreo flakes, whipped cream and a blueberry sweet sauce. HEAVENLY! No, I love Nutella and I was so happy.

I should mention my cocktail here too. JAMAICAN ME STORMY – Rum and fresh lime topped with ginger beer – sweet, tasty and went down far too quickly. So I followed up with a can of coke. We weren’t OUT OUT that night…

Liverpool Bloggers - Santa Maluco

Eat As Much Pizza As You Physically Can – The Pizza

But the best thing. THE BEST THING about Santa Maluco is that you can eat, and eat, and eat. Try a slice of this, or one of them. You would never think to order a pizza with all sorta’ stuff you’re not really in to. But why not try it here? We were particularly fond of:

WHAT THE DUCK? – Shredded duck, spring onions, cucumber, cha siu

LO PAN LOCO – Curry sauce, mozzarella, siu mai, fresh chillis, spring onions, and salt & pepper seasoning (HOT STUFF)

PORTUGUESA – Ham, onions, hard boiled egg, olives, oregano

Now, I know from experience that we would never choose these types of pizzas. And honestly, each slice was SO tasty! Maybe you get bored half way through a pizza when you have a full one to yourself, like I do to be honest. But here, you can choose them all if you stick around long enough…

So next friend date. Maybe take a trip to Santa.. I wanna’ see your pizza faces!

Liverpool Bloggers - Santa Maluco Liverpool Bloggers - Santa Maluco Liverpool Bloggers - Santa Maluco


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