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Social. Remember that. If you’re scrolling through your feed, what catches your eye? It’s videos, it’s images, it’s articles that interest you. Social is a trust building tool and a place to build up community. In my opinion, it’s a select group of brands that succeed fully over Social Media when it comes to money. And it’s people who offer their own services who are SOCIAL, or it’s people like Holiday Pirates. A hugh company that pump our offers multiple times a day. They can do this because people are following them for the sole reason of CHEAP OFFERS. That’s what they want, and that’s all they want. And that is provided. If you’re another travel agent, and not offering something that beats that – what’s the reason to follow you?

For me, in Marketing, it’s a healthy mix of external links to images, posts, news and videos from OTHERS and then promoting you business. The 4:1 rule. External:Your Own. Brands don’t understand this. Why would I link to other people? Because if people aren’t buying from you, they aren’t buying from them either. You have to be shown something multiple times before making a purchase online, so 1 link to that other site isn’t going to do much except build up your engagement and boost your community.

Quality images. I literally don’t understand why people don’t do this. I’m going to write another post and link it here about each of the Social Media platforms and what their direction is. It also comes back to WHY are you on Social Media. Each platform suits very different brands. Instagram is inspirational – like a travel company, you should be on there. But an Opticians, what are you going to do? You need to be on Facebook.

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