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Content is what you need to build a natural online presona. Blogs are what get you found, and you can get that advice from many other marketing out there – it’s not just me as a blogger promoting this! If you’re searching for things on Google, then you want reviews. It’s a ridiculous amount of people who are influenced after reading a blog. You need to be in that lot of people. Blogging isn’t easy to keep up, but it’s easy to make a start.

Keep everything on your website. I’m not one for landing pages all over the place and Google doesn’t like it either. Make sure your blog is part of your website, so that when they’re finished reading – they have places to click around to. Creating a post is simple, as long as you know what you’re talking about.

  • TITLE – Have a catchy title, not one that promotes your brands and is a big sales pitch
  • CONTENT – Not salesy. People want information. Make it conversational depending on your brands
  • SETUP – Have links to other pages in your text so people can click about. It also helps being found on Google
  • IMAGES – Split the text up with quality images. And have a featured image for your post
  • WORDPRESS – If you have wordpress, download a simple SEO plugin which will help you optimise your content.

Don’t be afraid of blogging. But don’t think it’s an easy task. You need quality and original content to share across email, social and more. I personally would never leave blog posts to someone who didn’t know the brand.

SO much more can be said about a blog post. For example: Keywords. Do you know what a Keyword is? It’s something that Google picks up. It’s something people search for and what you want to be found for. If you include these keywords in your blog, you’re starting strong. Include them in the first paragraph of your blog, and in the title. It’s all about Google after all. Isn’t it?

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