I’ve worked in Marketing for around 18 months now. In the big old world that is a FULL TIME job. Dun Dun Dunnnn…

And in that time, I’ve learnt a hell of a lot. But I’ve also learnt how valuable a blog is to learning and crafting your skills. Without this blog, I wouldn’t have landed my first job, and I wouldn’t be sitting writing this blog post before work on a Tuesday morning at my new job.

BUT. And a big J-Lo, BUT – Having had the control, independence and decision-making process of a blog and learning what works superbly and what doesn’t, it’s VERY hard to pass these words of wisdom on to the breed that is Marketing.

If you’re a brand looking to boost your Marketing, I URGE you to read on. I am going to give you the good, cold hard facts that you should be getting from your Marketing company and the things YOU need to do in order to make yourself a success.

This is for the non-savvy online goers who hire in Marketing Companies to take over their social, their advertising and come up with campaigns to make them awesome in the cyber world. BUT….



This is something I learnt pretty quickly. Having worked in both and in-house Marketing team, and one that provides Marketing for a range of clients – it is IMPERATIVE that you are involved. I’m more talking about Social Media here. If you’re a brand that thinks – “But I’m a massive company, I don’t need a personal presence” – then ask yourself, why are you on Social Media in the first place? I’ll go into Social Media in more depth, but honestly – ask yourself – WHY. Is it worth it? Do you need an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. I agree, maybe one. And I would suggest Facebook. “Oh but Facebook is dying” – No it’s not. For ‘Social’ it is dying. But if you’re on there and NOT being social, then you can be targeting your advertising to the perfect people. Facebook knows EVERYTHING!

In summary, (apologies I’m very passionate!) if you hire a Marketing company, YOU need to be on Social Media adding in that Personal touch.

Please remember this: SOCIAL MEDIA IS A —- SOCIAL —- MEDIA. A MEDIA WHICH RELIES ON BEING SOCIAL. Why do you think bloggers do so well? They are a sociable bunch. They are personal. They are responding, and reacting in a genuine way that people like. If you’re a company posting out scheduled links to your promotions; boring content that no one cares about 5 times a day – you may as well not have it. Posting needs to be quality and SOCIABLE. If a Marketing company is representing you, they are in charge of the promotions and links to your site. YOU are in charge of the personal factor.

I would wholeheartedly suggest using LIVE features of social media. It brings you direct you your fans, and it also gives them a notification for going live. Being engaging means your posts with reach more people, which is exactly what you want.

Number 2 is coming up! And when it does, it will be linked right here!


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