5 Steps To Make Your Blog Easy For Brands To Search

Having helped brands get in touch with bloggers for a little over a year now, I’ve picked up a few things that makes it pretty simple to grab your information and go. Brands want simplicity, and ease. If something takes too long to find, they’re going to move on.

Now that Liverpool Bloggers is now merging with the Blogger Network Mobile App, I’ve been collecting a little more information to make sure that people signing up the network actually are bloggers! In my quests across the web, I’ve noticed simple tricks of the trade that makes a brands job 100 times easier and much happier to work with you as a blogger…

Numero Uno – Email Address

Make sure your email address is easy to find. Add it to a sidebar, header – but most definitely add it to your ‘Contact’ Page. I’d always suggest having a contact page, and here, outlining anything you follow as a blogger. For example, are you PR friendly? This helps brands tremendously. Be easy to contact.

Number Two – Social Media Accounts

Have your social media icons visible, clear and most importantly of all – make sure they actually link to your social media account! I’ve fallen victim to these broken links. Please make sure you check your site often and just click your social media buttons for fun. It’s simple, and it’s a lifesaver to find your information in the social atmosphere. Also, on your social media accounts – link back to your blog platform. That way, it’s a simple circle to find out all about you.

Number Three – Full Name

Full name, or if you’re a little bit like me with ‘The Liverpool Blogger’ but more mystique about it all – a little like Scouse Bird – then you don’t need to. But make sure there is a link between what you can be referred to, and your blog name. It’s hard to keep track, so make sure you’re name sticks out and makes it a breeze to find you.

Number Four – Topic

I enjoy knowing exactly what you’re topics are. This helps you just as much, as brands shouldn’t be getting in touch with Book Bloggers for a Fitness Campaign. It outlines what you’re open to on your blog, and points brands in the right direction.

Number Five – Location

This is another I like. If you’re not a top blogger that has taken over the UK or Worldwide, then maybe you don’t need to – but people will know where you’re from if you’re that big. It’s more than likely that your local brands will want to get in touch. If you add your local location, this helps brands relate to you. Of course work with UK and Worldwide opportunities, but never forget your locals.

What do you think? Is there anything you think necessary for brands to know?

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