5 Ways To Ease Your Blogging Workload

Are you smothered by an online workload when it comes to your blog? Planned posts, photographs, editing, videos – oh I love it, but it can stress you out easily if you let deadlines get to you. Blogging should always be enjoyed – remember that!

So I’ve come up with a little list of distractions that will keep you motivated, but give you a break from the world of stress. I’ve need these many times when blogging, but also when in university and the computer was my life for all the most annoying reasons.

Go Outside.

Today it is gorgeous in Liverpool. The sun is shining through the window and it’s killing me being stuck inside another day. GO OUT. Go in the garden to have your lunch, take your phone out with you and limit your time to only going on it when outside – this can be break time. Fresh air and a clear mind will reboot you and get you fired up to take on the mission ahead.

Set a goal.

I like to say, “Within the next hour, I’ll do as much blogging as I can…” Then reward myself by taking a break. Texting people back, tweeting something or seeing what’s going on in the world with other bloggers. I’ll set a time limit again for this, and go back to writing. I think this gives you a motivation to think – right, I can get so much done in this time and then chill for a bit. It works for me, so maybe try and break up the workload, rather than attempting a huge load in a day.

Put the radio on.

The TV is such a distraction. If you have Loose Women nattering at you, you’re going to get distracted. I like to have something going on, I don’t like silence really. So for me, it’s the radio. You can listen to the conversations, the music – but still be working away, looking at your screen. It’s a way to enjoy what’s going on, but get things done!

Get dressed up.

I know this sounds like a strange one, but I think getting up and preparing for a day of blogging should be like you’re actually leaving the house to do something, like a job. Just getting in that mind frame of – I’m up, I’, ready, I’m going to do so much today – is better than sitting in our housecoat all day, with a face that no one wants to lay their eyes on. Get up, put your make up on and feel fabulous to tackle that workload. And maybe take some photo inspiration for your post!


So sorry to offend anyone by suggesting this. But it’s such a good idea when you need to buckle down and get work done. Remove it from the space around you, don’t just put it on silent. When you see that little light from the screen, I know you’ll be looking! Turn it off, put it in another room, and get on with working that word count. Then, when you’re all done – you can flick trough your feed and share you new, fresh ideas.

Last pointers:

  • Glass of water to stay hydrated
  • Snacks – I would suggest sweeties, however this isn’t healthy… maybe raisins? No, let’s just say sweets!
  • Let people know you’ll be blogging. They’ll leave you alone then, even if you don’t want it

Stay positive bloggers!



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