7 Tips For First Time Blogger Networking

So I’ve had a few quirky style of events in Liverpool. Inviting bloggers and businesses from the North West to get networking and get involved on a truly social level. But people – (including me!) may have decided to give that event a miss because their confidence may be just short of what they need to get to the door of the next meet up. So, at the end of this post, I have 7 heavenly tips for first time bloggers and businesses to conquer any network worries. But first..

Liverpool Bloggers


We’ve all been there, which means we’re all friendly really!

If there was any advice I could give, it would be – go for it. Please. Only because regret is one of the most frustrating feelings in the entire world. You may not feel confident, but confidence can be faked and worn with a smiley face and friendly manor. We’re all nervous to turn up to an event, but turn them nerves in to excitement and enjoy that time spent dedicated to your passion with people who share that love.

Given those few seconds of – what’s going on!? Which soon turns in to – oh, i’m having fun! It’s all worth it. Blogger events and networking are all created with you in mind. Liverpool Bloggers want you to get the most out of your time and be a social butterfly to the fullest. Blogging is a community fuelled by technology, but based on real life events and experiences that you share with the world each time you press POST.

Embrace your confidence, and always buy that ticket or go to that event. It will not only lead to things you never thought of, but it will give you that boost in self esteem, so the next time isn’t so scary. Bloggers are a supportive community. No blogger attends an event expecting not to meet friendly, passionate and invigorating people – plus have a great night if you get the right event!

I’ve got 7 tips to help you network that room like never before. 7 HEAVEN!

1. Fashionably late doesn’t cut it

Arrive early and mingle. You want to know what’s going on, get photographs, take in the venue and plans for the evening. You don’t want to be the one walking in when the inspirational speaker reachers the crescendo – and you kill the vibe.

2. Ask questions. 

Don’t be shy, we love to hear your voice. People want to know you, and put a face to that blog that they know. The feeling you get when someone recognises the URL, or says, “I’ll give that a look” – is great. Be out there and when the time is right, ask questions to get more out of your experience

3. Ditch the pitch. 

Everyone knows it’s a bloggers meet up. Whether it’s a blogger or business you speak to, everyone is willing to make the effort with you all. So no need to be pushy! A business card, a chat – all this is great. But we’re not in Dragon’s Den. If we like what you’re saying, you’ve got us.

4. Share your passion. 

Share it all – it’s blogger and business central and you’re all going to be interested in similar things. You may have that group of friends who don’t understand or your family who look at you funny when you say “I HAVEN’T POSTED MY BLOG LINK ON TWITTER!” – but these people understand, and want share stories!

5. Smile. 

Always smile, and be open to who you’re meeting. This is one that doesn’t need to be said, because if you’re at an event of this style – everyone is willing to socialise and make connections. Show us them pearly whites.

6. Don’t hijack the conversation. 

Have you ever been talking to someone and really you may as well be a wall, because no breath is being left for your side of the conversation. No one likes that. Be responsive, and people will want to hear what you say.

7. Remember to follow up.

Always follow up. As we all know – links, posts, tweets – they’re all good for blogs and businesses. But also on a personal level. You may meet a blogger and go to the next 10 events with them, you might meet a business who wants you involved. A little – “Lovely to meet you, loved our chat about..” goes a LONG way!



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