7 Things About Jamie’s Italian Liverpool

Jamie’s Italian Liverpool – a place for pasta lover’s, open-minded taste buds and cosy surroundings that comfort during these dark nights.

Visiting Jamie’s, I was apprehensive. I’ve been here before, well over a year ago, and it wasn’t my favourite. Whenever I get an invitation somewhere, I’m always up in the air about going back if I’ve been before.

BUT, I’ve heard great reviews from friends who have said their meal was amazing – so was I completely missing out?

I was so happy I did go back because I have a brand new appreciation for Jamie’s.

Read on for more photos, the 7 things I noticed, the recommended ‘Perfect Person’ and my Top Tip when heading to Jamie’s Italian in Liverpool One…

Jamie's Italian Liverpool

  1. I noticed that even on a week night, the place had a healthy bustle around the place with an atmosphere that warmed us up after being out in the cold.
  2. I noticed that the kitchen was open, which I always like. It’s very honest.
  3. I noticed that the cured meat platter was propped up by authentic tins of chopped tomatoes. This was funky.
  4. I noticed the staff were really friendly, and wanted you to get the best out of the food that was on offer, explaining the menu and giving recommendations.
  5. I noticed the bottled beer was delightfully refreshing and went down a treat with our meal.
  6. I noticed the garlic bread is gorgeous. But make sure you’re all eating it, because you’re going to stick. Soz!
  7. I noticed it’s got the BEST view of the Christmas Tree – so get festive!

Jamie's Italian LiverpoolJamie's Italian Liverpool

Who would I recommend visit Jamie’s Italian? For me, I don’t think it’s a place for people who very ‘set in their ways’ when it comes to their food or those self confessed ‘fussy eaters’. If you love to try new dishes, explore your tastes and revisit a menu that may not have interested years ago – Jamie’s is perfection. For authentically fresh food with a fresh spin on the usual dish, you can expect the unexpected to surprise you.

I think my problem years ago was that I limited what I would eat for fear of not liking it. Now, some of my favourite dishes include things you couldn’t have paid me to eat all that time ago. Jamie’s definitely opened my eyes to the old classic, reinvented can be delicious.

Jamie's Italian Liverpool

MY TOP TIP for Jamie’s would be to try out a few things. With the main dishes, you can opt for a smaller portion. I would say get a few of these, maybe share a few, and don’t go for just the one. Explore the menu, because there are so many delightful options.

Why settle for one one main course when you can have loads?!

Jamie's Italian Liverpool Jamie's Italian Liverpool Jamie's Italian Liverpool


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