“A Plastic Scouser Down Under” – Faye Elizabeth Smith

We’re Liverpool Bloggers after all, so I’m welcoming bloggers from the #LIVbloggers gang to get involved with Guest Posts! I start with Faye, who travelled away from the city and landed in the ever amazing Australia. It’s one of my dreams to head over to OZ, so her charming tales keep me on edge! Read more from an original blogger from Liverpool who took the plunge…

“To say that I am excited to return to the near vicinity of Liverpool is an understatement; but that is also mixed with the feeling of never wanting to come home from my travels, never feeling like I’ve seen enough of the world. This is the daily predicament I find myself in.


Liverpool, for me, is that vibrant city – the kind where there’s always something going on whatever your taste. It is the same in parts of Australia, and I have a feeling that Melbourne (my next stop!) is the place that is most similar to England’s – hell, the UK’s – top city.

Within Liverpool’s borders, you’ll find the most glamorous of people, the grungiest, and those who epitomise the word “individual”. Here in Australia, especially along the coasts, I feel a little more at home.

This is where the bohemian vibe is truly alive and celebrated. It is a lot easier, I’ll give you that, to just wear floral maxi dresses over crochet bikinis day in day out: the temperatures, for the most part, are scorching in comparison to the North West of England.

Saying that, I do miss seeing (and I never thought I’d say this) women running around town on a Saturday with rollers in their hair. I am not the most glamorous, and I never will be of that standard for a night out, but I can certainly appreciate the time and effort that people go to.

Liverpool after sunset is another thing I miss. There is such a huge variety of not only bars and clubs, but things to do. You can be at Leaf on Bold Street watching a gig, the same at The Arts Club and Studio 2, before venturing to Salt Dog Slims, Berry & Rye, Aloha, or Maya (God I miss that place!) for incredible cocktails, or over to Albert Dock if you want a classier night.

The majority of bars and clubs I have been to Down Under so far have been “backpacker bars” apart from Ivy in Sydney – that place is expensive! My favourites are Woody’s Surf Shack in Byron Bay and Wool Shed in Cairns. Woody’s is extremely laid back – flip flops and no makeup, whilst Wool Shed is a little more dressy aka sandals and a slick of mascara. Laid back is the term for the majority of Aussie nightlife (apart from Melbourne I’ve heard – the hub of hospitality and bars in Australia) which is completely on the other end of the spectrum for some styles in Liverpool.

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Food wise too, there are actually a lot of similarities between Liverpool and, the east coast especially, Australia. Some places will never compare to Almost Famous – where else can you have doritos on your burger?! Nevertheless, the independent restaurants of both places have that similar quirky style in terms of their food and their premises.

Plus, with everything going on in the blog world in Liverpool, especially the oh-my-god-so-amazing news of the Clothes Show being relocated to our home city next July, call me crazy but I can’t help but feel a little bit of FOMO despite all of the glorious sandy beaches and glittering ocean views that I’ll never get enough of on this side of the world.

As much as I love Liverpool and I’m excited to see it again, right now I’m not ready to leave Australia. Making the decision to travel solo to the other side of the world is something that I will never regret. I’ve been able to see and do things that can only be experienced in this country such as scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef and surfing the Aussie waves.

That being said, as Dorothy says with a tap of her red shoes, there’s no place like home.”

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