Barton Rouge

After work, I was ravenous – and Indian Food is just what I felt like. We were invited to launch of the brand new Barton Rouge on Exchange Street, and I’m so happy we made this one.

We were welcomed by the lovely Nicola Pink and her Pink Media team, plus the great guys and girls that were newly settling in to their roles at Barton Rouge.

Barton Rouge Liverpool - Liverpool Bloggers Barton Rouge Liverpool - Liverpool Bloggers

The place was bustling, and we soon spotted a friendly face of Hungry Harriet to enjoy our meal with. We were treated to a set meal, plus canopies galore. AND a free bar. You know how I feel about a free bar. JUBILANT.

The atmosphere was great, bouncing around the place with everyone enjoying the food, the drinks, the music and the beautiful decor. Modern interior makes a great contrast to the authentic indian food. It works harmoniously.

The food we had on the night was absolutely gorgeous. And to prove that I’m telling the truth, I actually took the family back there only 2 nights later. YES, that eager.

We devoured so much food. There is always that dreaded feeling when recommending somewhere to people. The expectations are so high and it’s your fault if it turns out to be a shambles. Barton Rouge didn’t disappoint. The family were taken aback by the amazing flavours and all 100% said they would recommend it to everyone they knew. After they’d recovered from their food coma.
Barton Rouge Liverpool - Liverpool Bloggers

We ordered popadoms and dips for starters to share; little bite size snacks of heaven. Not the large ones you usually have, they were small and dainty and oh so sweet. I mentioned that I had been to the earlier launch event and ask what the dish had been on that night. The manager who had welcomed us again tonight asked the chef to especially recreate the dish for me, and I am very thankful for that – because it was just as fabulous the second time!

Another special dish amongst them all was a lamb choice, that came served under a fired dish. Soft, succulent and an amazing taste if you’re a fan of this meat.

My favourites was the peshwari naan bread. It sounds strange, but I love nothing more than dipping a fresh, sweet peshwari naan into a chicken tikka sauce……. mmmmmmmm. And this one was amazingly fresh and sweet too! They’re big, so sharing is definitely advised.

Thank you for the fantastic hospitality and delightful food. I will definitely be back here again, and it’s up there with one of my favourites to eat.

Naan anyone?

Barton Rouge Liverpool - Liverpool Bloggers Barton Rouge Liverpool - Liverpool Bloggers


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