Slims Pork Chop Express

That sh*t CRAY. Ain’t it Jay?

I mean cray as in crayfish. And I mean Jay as in… BBQ CLUB. What am I talking about? It’s the next big thing in Liverpool that you’ll be gegging in on. It’s BBQ like no other, and it’s satisfying your drunken late night pangs of hunger. Again – what am I talking about? It’s Slims Pork Chop Express, and it’s delightfully wicked.

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Heading out at about 8pm, we roamed Liverpool. finding little treasures here and there; it’s the best place to wander and find the mystery’s and gems of the city. But we’ve got a hot date starting at 10pm…. and it involves food and drinks.

Slinking up Seel street, we’re encouraged by the pink fluorescent lights that create an electric ambiance around the distinct restaurant. Floating inside, away from the heat of the night (for a change in Liverpool!), we’re welcomed by a bar stocked high and mighty. I like it in hear already.

Paved with pennies, the room feels intimate and has that independent vibe that I’m really enjoying about the city at the moment. The bar dude asks us what our poison is, and I’m eyeing up the cocktails specials that are painted on the walls. I go for “Who’s Harry Crumb?” – slapped together with vodka, rhubarb, apple, cucumber and cranberries. A mix that’s going to shake me up a bit, and I encourage that on a night like tonight. It’s sweet, and refreshing. Just what I need.

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But hold on, what are we here for again? BBQCLUB of course.

We’re shown to our seats; still downstairs just near the bar area. Nestled in the corner, it’s relaxing and a treat after the sleepy eyes have started because we’re a few drinks in. Honing in on the food menu, we’re prepared for battle.

And a battle I should say, as we order the main event that’s got me going at Slims Pork Chop. A mixture of soft crab, succulent pork ribs, plus crayfish – it’s a good thing we’re not a first date, because this ain’t pretty. But TOTALLY worth it.

We’re baffled by the crayfish. How the hell do we eat this?! So here comes the chef, out from the depths of the kitchen to show us the tricks of the cray-trade.

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Adventure with food it what I love. And Slims offered up a BBQ extravaganza that took us from chilled to majorly excited about eating. The mystery, the fun and the totally bonkers BBQ is something I’d recommend to all you late people out and about town. The event starts at 10pm ’til late each Thursday -Sunday with the seats filling up quickly.

With unbeatable staff. that took a team selfie while we were there – (I really enjoyed this spirit) – means that you’re looked after and sharing the good vibes that bounce from wall to wall.

That sh*t cray… Ball so hard — What she order?

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