Revolution St Peters Square

It’s Friday night and we’re hungry as ever. We want drinks of course, but we want somewhere that offers atmosphere and a whole lotta’ grub. Then, like a lightening bolt sent down by the Father of Food – an awesome idea strikes us.

Well, I like to think of it like that, but really it’s a lot more modern-esque. Twitter actually. In the form of a direct message inviting us down for some foodie fun and gallons of the good stuff. Where do you ask? Oh we’ve kept the mystery building up on this fine Halloween… as ghouls and goblins stalked the night in Revolution, St Peters Square. Set in the iconic Tea Factory building, it’s always a lively place to be in the city.

Now, I know I’ve been in here before. And you’ve probably stumbled across it if you’ve been out in Liverpool. That one on the left, yeah that’s it. With many drinks flowing in there, it’s been a secret hide out of scrummy scran that Liverpool needs to know about.

As Halloween Eve crept over the night, with the moon in site, we made it to Revolution. With people enjoying food and drinks, plus a few parties had been booked in – making the atmosphere electric.

I think this was exaggerated by the awesome setup of the place… pumpkins galore, spider webs to get wrapped in on a cold night and ghoulish treats to trick. After speaking with one of the general managers – Mike, who by the way was a contrasting DELIGHT compared to the dark scene they’d set up – told us he’d been up until 3am the night previous fixing the place up for unsuspecting victims… I mean drinkers and diners! That’s commitment to the holiday vibe.

Grey lifeless eyes met us at the door with a smile to light up the night. Meg, I believe her name is – and she was a Halloween treat. Serving us a fruity cocktail to take to our table, the gimmick of using a pumpkin as a bowl was very cute to me, and a subtle touch that echoed the rest of the night.

Revolution St Peters Square

As ever, I sat down and went straight for the food menu. That’s what I’m here for anyway, I don’t know about anyone else… and it’s glorious. At this moment, mini burgers appeared on a tray. They were being passed out to innocent drinkers who were MADE UP. I would be if that happened on a night out! Food + drink is my kinda’ thing.

With a choice of stone baked pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, ribs, chicken – and even an Italian dish or two the menu was making me even more ravenous after being in work all day. DIG IN!

Revolution St Peters Square

We ordered sharing nachos for the starter. Now these were special to me just because of the sweet salsa that was a little party trick in itself – VODKA salsa. I know, my thoughts were the same – but it was sweet and delicious, without having the obvious vodka-ish taste.

I order the Bourbon Bad Boy Burger – described as a, “Double beef burger basted in chipotle BBQ sauce and stacked with smoked cheddar, streaky bacon, vine tomatoes and onion rings. Served in a brioche bun with cajun dusted fries.” – fit. It came to the table and my eyes near popped; it would have been a great spectacle for Halloween lovers. I put my tongue back in my mouth to see what the second dish looked like…

Revolution St Peters Square

Bourbon Bruger

A Smokin’ Bacon arrived – “A succulent beef burger topped with smoked cheddar, chorizo ketchup, streaky bacon, smokinnaise, Wotsits and BBQ fried onions. Served in a brioche bun with fries and red slaw” – did you spot it? Yes, Wotsits. And it looked fitting to the occasion, but would it be any good?

Revolution St Peters Square

Wotsits – yes!

Yes. It was. We both nabbed a little of each and those burgers were top notch – HUGE as well. I went with my boyfriend who was a MACHINE and ate it all, with a few meat sweats to go with it. The chips had that red Cajun salt on, which tasted amazing with the chipotle sauce. Favourite thing that went along with this was the tomato sauce came in a plastic bottle brought to the table. NO stingy amount and no fighting with a glass bottle.

By this time, our waitress had brought over some Zombie shots for us to welcome the night, and I’d placed my order of cocktail – Key Lime Pie. I got 2. And here’s why…

Revolution St Peters Square

Zombie Shots

Revolution St Peters Square

Double Trouble | Key Lime Pie Cocktails

I was asked if I had a Revolution card, which I admitted, I didn’t. Getting this card though meant that the drinks were 241, plus other discounts – but I honestly was too fascinated by this one. Buying 2 drinks meant we’d get 4 for the price of 2 + 4 little pounds (for the cost of the card that lasts all year). Good stuff! I’ll put more info about the card at the bottom… You also get some undies as well. “I’m a big deal”.

The cocktail arrived in a plastic take out cup with the Rev logo beaming up at me. Cream, lime and biscuit vodka – I was in my element after being stuffed with burger and booze.

With each night, there is a special food offer going on. I loved the look of 50% off each and every Monday – all day. That’s cheap spending for good grub. So the boyfriend will definitely be back with his footie mates to see who backs out of the burger. With the kitchen open all day, they have the time.

Along with Rock ‘n’ Roll bingo every two weeks, and cocktail classes for an occasion – Rev is back on my radar. In all honesty, we had a great Halloween Eve trying out the new menu. The staff had the right balance of comforting fun to fit with the surroundings.

If there is nothing else you took from this post, at least get the Revolution card just to get the “I’M A BIG DEAL” undies for your fella to share on Twitter with #imabigdeal – boss.

Revolution St Peters Square Revolution St Peters Square



Buy it online or when you’re next in there! Nice..

Revolution St Peters Square

Drinks offer with Revoution Card |



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