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I’ve finally tasted the best Chicken Wings ever. And this place is known for their burgers, so really that’s saying a lot. When Liverpool Bloggers was invited to have some grub down at Wall of Fame, I was more than excited. Hearing a lull of chatter over social media, this place was on my list of GO TO for foodie places in the city. With rivals popping up in the burger-centric Liverpool, places gotta’ be good. And man – was Wall of Fame good.

With a table booked for 7pm, I sat ready to go at home by half5. Counting down the minutes, I couldn’t handle it – so got on to the Wall of Fame website to take just a peek at the menu. Mistake Number 1. I began reeling through the menu, picking this, that and everything on top. We had to leave, and hope that our early entrance meant full food belly’s earlier.

Thank you for being so hospitable in our flustered entrance eyeing up the food on offer… we were kids in a candy shop. Except for adults, it’s all about the burgers.

Welcomed by rearing-to-go staff, we were shown to our table. We scarpered past the bar, eyeing up the treats. I was soon blown away by the retro Liverpool style that encompasses my surroundings. With the fantastic 4 sitting peering over us, and an awesome motorbike as a backdrop – we feel at ease with home comforts with a touch of edge.

Wall of Fame Wall of Fame Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame neon lights illuminate the menu as I try and pretend as though I don’t know what I’m ordering… Eyes falling to the open kitchen, it’s time to eat.

I order a Strawberry Fields Mojito, homage to the The Beatles over there. I thought it was fitting. With fresh mint, lime, strawberry and a kick of punch to get the party started, the cocktails get the thumbs up!

Wall of Fame

We’re feeling a little crazy, so we went for the combo platter of chicken wings. Now, I’m usually not a fan but these were FIT. I mean fit. Two in a Chinese style sauce, two in BBQ and two in a – wait for it – cheesy style sauce. You think, WHAT? Honestly, you’ve gotta’ try these. It’s the future people!

For the main, I went for the Bourbon Jacobs Ladder: Short rib beef, slow cooked in homemade WOF bourbon BBQ sauce served with house fries and WOF house slaw. These came out as two big, massive ribs that were just indescribably gorgeous. Meat GALORE! That sauce was something special; sweet and sticky and perfect for dipping in those chips. I’m a lover of coleslaw, and this was fab, made from red cabbage – perfect dish for me. I also enjoyed the little finger bowl we got, because they are messy beyond belief. Maybe not a first date affair… or perhaps the perfect choice to get to know each other straight from the off, ay! Who wants to eat salad forever?!

The other half went for the WOF Steak 6oz burger, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, and crispy onion. He wolfed his in one, so I’m guessing that’s a good sign? He also said it was nicer than other places we’ve been out and about in town…

Wall of Fame Wall of Fame Wall of Fame

Dessert for me is a must. I seem to have two stomachs, and one is reserved solely for sweet treats. What I love about this place is that they offer something that takes me back to USA travels… SMORES! Melted marshmallows sandwiched between digestive biscuits and Nutella all warmed up and sugary… oh I’m drooling again sorry.

The meal was delicious, topped with a great atmosphere and quality service that would welcome me back time after time. We hear Wall of Fame have a new menu from April 18th, and we can’t wait to see what’s on offer! If it’s anything to go by our last visit, we’ll be waiting outside the doors when you open guys. Thanks for the invite!

Wall of Fame Wall of Fame



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