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Thought you’d DONE Halloween? Well think again. As the Chamber of Horrors haunts the streets of Liverpool, St Georges Hall hosts the devilish delights of some of the spookiest special effects to get your blood pumping…

I got an invite to the Chamber of Horrors, and it actually said: “WARNING: Not for those with a nervous disposition, not for those afraid of the dark and not for those who jump if they hear a bump in the night!!”

STOP, I’m such a wimp. BUT I am mega-intrigued by the way these creations that will haunt my dreams are brought to life.

They scare, because they care. It’s the students from Knowsley Community College putting their best make up brush and fake blood forward. They’re pulling out all the gore this Halloween.

Kathryn Burns, teacher to the talented students, has passed on her words of terrifying wisdom and whipped them into frightful shape. Working on projects across the city, Chamber of Horrors is just one of the class acts coming our way.


“It’s all the students work. They’re building up their experience and it’s on the job training. We’ve got loads of events coming up over the next few days, and weeks leading up to Christmas… It’s exciting!”

LoveHistory Ltd, promoters behind the scare fest are currently inviting all adrenaline-lovers to St Georges Hall; think Devils Rejects, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Salem’s Lot, Hammer House and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It’s apparently next level horror event that will leave even the most hard-core fans sobbing at Moorfields on the way home.

But how would I know? I’d be cowering in the prop box in the corner. And those who know me, know I’d fit.

More information and to buy tickers for the event at St Georges Hall can be found here.


Kathryn Burns - St Georges Hall - Halloween Kathryn Burns - St Georges Hall - Halloween Kathryn Burns - St Georges Hall - Halloween Kathryn Burns - St Georges Hall - Halloween Kathryn Burns - St Georges Hall - Halloween



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