Top pick right now: Clockworks

Clockworks was mentioned to me by one of best friends. I seen one of the most spectacular Sunday roasts posted on her Instagram and needed to know the gossip. She pointed me to a place you can easily miss, but is so close to the action.

If I have one recommendation at the moment, it’s the underestimated Clockworks.

I’ve been here twice recently and delved into 2 menus: Sunday menu and brunch menu. Don’t ever ask me to choose a favourite.

I’ll start with Sunday, the first adventure I had. The place is decked out in wooden oaks that make you all warm inside. The chairs and booths are grand, but welcoming. The bar is booming with classic and concoctions just waiting to be explored.

A Scottish fella smiles and I feel like part of the family as he gives my sister a jokingly hard time for not ordering veggies on the roast dinner – and compensates with filling her plate with double Yorkshire puddings and roasties.

I am in heaven, with the roast dinner rivalling the classic family’s own. You know, EVERYONE has their roasts differently, but if you’re going to explore, it has to be worth it. And I promise you, this one exceeds the rest.

Knocking that one out the park, I went back for brunch. I was fixated on a full English, but one that worked magic – and this was Harry Potter VS Voldemort Part || AMAZING! Best breaky I’ve had. You can tell this place are proud of their quality food that exudes independence.

Not just an epic fry up, but the most amazing waffles can be found here too. Homemade perfection, not the flung together ones that are doing their rounds these days.

QUICK HOLLA for the Scottish dude too, who I think made our experience even better both times. My niece asked for the classic kids “I’m out but can’t have anything good” drink of a J20. He took this and asked instead if she wanted her very own special mocktail stud juice. She was buzzing, obviously. He even used the shakers and everything and brought back the tastiest drink ever. She is only 7 but said it was the best day ever. Waffles and magic juice. What more do you want?

This is my number 1 recommendation right now! I’d love to try it out for a drink in the evening because I’m all for the vibes in here. But if you’re looking for quality food, a beaming menu with staff, surroundings and atmosphere to match – it’s worth leaving the hustle and bustle of the city centre to visit thus gem that is in plain sight.

Enjoy Clockworkers! (See their menu here)

** ANOTHER update, my sis took her other half back to experience the breakfast and he said it’s the best he’s ever had in his life. Top marks kids**



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