Debate: Do You Need To Be On Every Social Media Platform?

Do You NEED To Be On Every Platform?

It’s something I’ve swayed back and forth on, especially when it comes to Liverpool Bloggers. Is it you spread your wisdom across to every corner of the social hemisphere but perhaps not the best you can; or do you perfect your trade and work wholeheartedly on one with the FOMO factor (Fear Of Missing Out).

It’s an unspoken thing amongst bloggers; the path they wish to choose. Some excel on Instagram, while other dominate Twitter. Facebook has become a thing with people sharing their post to the masses, and Pinterest is inspiring us all. But where to do we draw to the line? In 2017, how many other platforms will take over?

Instagram is a baby. And yet it consumes me. It’s my favourite platform, because I love photographs and memories. The power it has is seemingly unstoppable. But what’s the next big thing? Who thought when I was back in Year 11 setting up a Facebook account that it would become quite desolate compared to the newest socialite.

For me, I’m in a place where I believe less is more. If people find you on these platforms, you’re doing it right.

I find Twitter to be a growing hub of bloggers who tag @liv_bloggers in their posts to reach more bloggers and brands in Liverpool. This is a fantastic tool, so Twitter will always be a big player. It was where Liverpool Bloggers began. I find Twitter to be very conversational; it’s chatty place and I like it!

I find Instagram inspirational. I feel I get to know bloggers so much more here. I see what they’re really up to, and get their vibe. I see the masters of imagery they create, and I love to share my memories here too. It’s impressive, and getting the right picture is such a buzz. I enjoy that hashtags aren’t such a faux-pas on Instagram – just lash it in a comment or something. You can reach so many people.

I find Facebook a chore. I did have a Liverpool Bloggers page, and I still do. But to reach anyone these days on Facebook means boosting posts and Facebook Ads, which isn’t my thing at the moment. I found that my posts became stale and just sat there. I do admit, when a brand shared the post – the engagement was great. But was it worth perfecting? I’ve unpublished the page as of right now.

Spreading yourself thin over platforms is something I don’t wish to do, but I admire those who can be as bulky and brash over all – and BOSS it. Bravo! I’ve come to the point now that I use the ones I think generate the best response, the others just aren’t worth the time. But the best thing about social media is that this will be different for everyone. A Twitter Queen on one may be a complete youngling on Instagram and vice versa.

This is something I ALWAYS point out to brands when looking for bloggers. “We want at least X followers on Twitter”…. “Okay, this person doesn’t have many… Oh did I mention they have XXXXX on Instagram though?” — Yes, exactly.

I’ve also found this working in Marketing. Brands new to the whole social media are opening up accounts left, right and centre and have no clue what to do. They aren’t looking at what they represent, and what they are offering on social. A poor social media can pull down your credibility! From a Marketing point of view, I’m all for bugging up the places your business will work best. And it’s the same for blogging.

What do you think?

Do you feel like you need to be on every platform for FOMO?

Or do you relish in all social media and feel like Queen Bee? 


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