Disneyland Paris meets Prins from Liverpool

Have you managed to make it to Disneyland Paris yet? Oh the joys! I was lucky enough to head there with my two gorgeous sisters, and fabulous niece of mine. She’s aged 7, but I honestly don’t know which of us acted more like a child…

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It’s amazing how Disney brings you back to childhood. The innocence and excitement runs through your veins, taking you back to the days of school discos and drinking Panda Pops.

Disneyland Paris | The Liverpool Blogger

If you’re heading there, I don’t have too many pointers – except the below:

  • Stay at Santa Fe
    • Why? Because it’s the cheapest Disney Hotel and it’s honestly around a 5 minute walk to the park. If you Google Map it, it says much longer – but there is a sneak shortcut. Head towards the big inflatable Air Balloon, and go towards the left. You’ll see a simple pathway that leads to a bridge. Cross that bridge – and you’re back to the furthest hotel. No messing with busy buses. We were honestly in the room for sleep, and that’s it, so we didn’t see the point in spending more when we could use that wonga on buying more Minnie Ears…
  • Get Nutella Donuts
    • This one I took from a fellow blogger and it was the best advice. I got mine from the stall which is right outside the big massive Disney store, close to the Rainforest Cafe. They open and close at certain times, so I would get one as soon as you see them open. We nearly missed out – and I’m so happy we didn’t! Nutella is my life.
  • Plan the rides as you go
    • This probably goes against everyones advice, and I know I wanted a plan when we went. But sometimes – it just doesn’t work like that. Crush’s Coaster was our first ‘go-to’ but that changed quickly when it was closed… Then we wanted to go to Ratatouille… but that was over 80 minutes wait. Never fear though, we just looked at the ride times, went to others that were less time and came back. We done Crush and Ratatouille in less than half an hour. Sometimes the plan doesn’t always go to plan! Just roll with it, and enjoy it.
  • Download the App
    • Definitely get the app on your phone. This just helps to get you around the place, but the best is to see the ride times. As above, this helps making plans much better. Scan the area, look for the shortest times in the vicinity and head there.
  • Look after your ears
    • Bit of a strange one, but keep your Disney headband ears close to hand! My nieces were on her lap on a ride, and once the ride was over – the lap bar flipped up, taking her Minnie Ears along with them. They were literally within touching distance but we were told in a firm French accent that we weren’t allowed to pick them up, and no one else would be doing it for is. To say her little face broke my heart is an understatement! But as I say, save the pennies, and she bought herself some shiny new ones. Silver lining…

Are you heading to Disneyland Paris? Make them plans!

Disneyland Paris | The Liverpool Blogger Disneyland Paris | The Liverpool Blogger Disneyland Paris | The Liverpool Blogger


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