The Sinners Club


The Sinners Club – the devilish gem of Burscough is a place me and the boyfriend love to go and forget our attempts of a healthy lifestyle. He went for a jog yesterday – and instantly ruled this out by enjoying a double cheeseburger, pulled pork and fries with a whole lot of BBQ delight. And a brownie. This was of course after i’d messily devoured a hot dog with onions, mustard, red sauce and a whole lotta’ fries, plus the signature ‘chee whiz’ cheesy sauce.

The place is very niche, with a USA fashion of ‘Chicago Bulls’ and ‘Los Angeles’ road signs. We’ve been twice, and it’s been quiet both times – but that didn’t take away from a great atmosphere. I think if this was in the city centre, it would be the new ‘IT’ place, where everyone has to go at least once.

With a menu of burgers, dogs, nachos, shakes – and their own version of a ‘MAN VS FOOD’ for £30 which offers a ridiculous amount of food, it’s a sure favourite for a wannabe-healthy couple looking to pig out. Not a place for a first date – that’s usually what i say for anywhere i go and eat and think ‘HMMMM, glad we’re over that stage of nit-picky eating’..

The staff are lovely; really chilled and suit the overall atmosphere of this quirky gaff. Great setting with fabulously fatty food, all out of the hustle and bustle of the city centre. It’s nestled in a little corner of Burscough – you would maybe miss it without us sending you towards it, but believe me. That hotdog was worth it!

I only wish we got a pudding! But after that milkshake pushing us over the edge – I think it was time for us to roll out of that joint…

Good job Sinners Club – me like. And i’ll be coming back for the nachos!


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