Furnivals Well

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Who says drinking needs to be in a bar? What about a prison cell instead… that’s one hell of a start to the night! If I have one recommendation at the moment, it’s to head to Furnival’s Well – the new gaf in town.

First – all I get when I mention this place is – WHERE IS IT? And here it is… See the Hub on the corner of Hanover Street? Walk up Duke Street and turn right, or walk up Argyle Street and you’ll find it facing Amalia Italian.

Let’s get to why it’s so good though.

Walking along the wall, you’re welcome by a courtyard entrance of fairy lands and old fashioned charm. Walking through the door which is lined with candles on the floor, you’re greeted by a friendly face who asks where you would like to drink for the evening. But first… I notice the candlelit atmosphere, huge mirror above a fireplace and exposed brick that makes the place feel old-worldy and comforting – strange considering it used to be a police station.

Where to sit? A few options. You turn left and see a great, grand bar with bottles and potions. It looks like a scene plucked from Diagon Alley. If there was an actual bar featured, I feel this would fit the job. You can sit here, and remain mesmerised by the knowledgeable bar staff who are so passionate about providing a unique and personalised drinking experience.

You can also choose to sit by that huge mirror, with high seats and a long table. Surrounded by the artistry of the bar and in amongst the mix of a little light hustle. We ended up here, but not before trying out the fun bit…

My Only Image.. I was too wrapped up in it all!

The cells. Walking through a corridor, you see doors wide open – bursting with history. Sneaking a look in each, they all have a warmth that wouldn’t be expected. Being shown by our host an empty cell, we sit on a booth and awe at the room we’re sitting in. The brick surrounds us, and the eerie high window lets in the moonlight. The table is shrouded in candle light, and the walls reflect a little more light from the antique and elegantly scrappy bulb that dangles from the ceiling. It’s a genius mix of old and the new.

A menu is provided, along with a glass of water. The drinks are split into different ‘classes’ of people; a nod to the ‘olden days’. It’s quirky, and it makes you choice than much more interesting. The drinks range from the grand to the perfected generic. But the Victorian vibes are fun! For example:

Rich & Prosperous: A toast to the wealthy Victorian Society. Elbows of the table, hand in laps please. 

Seeking Fortune: Representing our slum dwelling, mutton shunter avoiding, Victorian working class.

Table service here, so you don’t need to worry about waiting at the bar. I know only too well that this place aim to be known for its differences, and its hands on staff make it unique. Brother to Berry and Rye, you see glimpses of all their strengths reflected in Furnival’s Well.

You drink classic drinks, in a cosy place, and remain comforted by the service, the atmosphere and the warm vibes.

Remember the map people. Have you visited yet?


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