Graduation and I’m Free! 

I’VE GRADUATED! It was my graduation yesterday, and that means I am officially an adult in my eyes.

Oh shit.


 I decided I HATE the whole cap and gown. Okay, it’s a novelty. But spacial awareness is thrown out the window. And that cape that strangles you at every opportunity is not my kind of fun. BUT other than that, the pictures were a delight!

I started the day at 7am. Up and wanding my hair, that fell flat as soon as the Liverpool rain washed over me. Hair waved to its full potential, my make up lady arrived. Her name is Becci and she was fabulous. She’s a friend of my sisters, so a recommendation is always grateful. She arrived with her kit and we had a good gab while she prepared me for my graduation day. With a daytime event, I didn’t want anything heavy. She listened perfectly, and left me with smokey/natural eyes and a clean complexion that lasted all day. I’m going to be booking her in any other time. She has the Liverpool look perfected, and that’s what I like and love.

After my make up, it meant the rush and the travel. I slipped on my dress and decided to go for low heels instead of the high ones planned. I looked out to see the rain, and thought – NO. I’m not tip-toeing around town all day. SO happy with this decision. With my boyfriend at hand, we left my house just after 9am – armed with a bag big enough to fit in an umbrella plus the essentials. Lip gloss, comb, etc.

We get to the university where I needed to pick up my tickets and gown. It’s all go go go, and they’re all prepared to the MAX. They’ve done this before. Alphabetical order, areas cordoned off, arrows and helpers – it was a quick process which left us running back to the car to be whipped up to the cathedral in time. I make this 10am.

Cathedral time, and I can’t see a soul from my course. How can that happen? Get on the phone, which is SWIFTLY loosing battery life to find my pals. Find them, and finally get suited and booted in that signature cap and gown. It is NEVER going to be flattering. BUT WORK IT!

I flounce about to my seat, taking as many photos to remember this day as possible. The ceremony begins, and it is one word.


Graduation Graduation Graduation

But it was actually heart-warming. I shook all the important hands and smiled at all the faces in the crowd. The speeches rounded up and it felt like it really was the end of an era. We’d finished. We were now out of education and expected to fly the nest and find our own paths. It was sad, but it felt like a reinvention of every student in that beautiful cathedral.

We took more photos. Of course! And my GORGEOUS Mum and Dad fussed and photographed. I love them both too much for words, and they have always been the thought in the back of my mind. I want to make them proud, and feel like I have. Wearing that silly but signature cap and gown, I made them proud.

We rounded up the day at the lovely Hannah’s Bar on Hardman Street. We had pre-booked, so everything was prepared. I met my sister, Nan, Grandad and boyfriend here for drinks and food. Gabbing and chatting away the night, I drank many pink lemonade cocktails and cosmos – having a brilliant night with family celebrating my new found freedom.

My graduation experience was amazing, and I will always remember that day. Seeing everyone so happy, and proud – it was such a genuinely happy day for all. I thought that my course wasn’t right for me, and that university wasn’t my thing, but I got through it to the end and tried my hardest to get the best grade I could. And I did. I can look back on my course and have happy memories.

Now that it’s all over, I’m searching for that job that inspires me. That I can put my all in to and not be distracted by university in the week, or the part time job on the side. I want to dedicate my time and build a career. It’s deep, and thoughtful – yes. But I’ve realised I’m quite a driven person. I want to build up my experience to become someone who can take ideas and make them happen and succeed. It’ll take time, and I want to get in everything I can before truly settling in to a job. All the experience, all the travelling, all the do’s and don’ts – and when it’s time, take my own footsteps in the exact direction I choose, if I’m lucky enough to be able to.

My graduation inspired me, and I hope yours inspires you.

Graduation Graduation


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