Roxy Ball Room

Who says games are for kids? Well, Roxy Ball Room sure as hell doesn’t as they’ve opened one of the most fun places in Liverpool right now. Channelling the feel of an America arcade, crossed with a hipster bar – you get this awesome place in Liverpool one.


Kindly invited, we couldn’t respond quick enough. Ping Pong, Pool, Pingstar Martini’s and Pizza – it was always going to be amazing. Roxy Ball Room started in Leeds, and has obviously been won over by the amazing Liverpool, and set up camp here. Right next to the brand new Wahaca, it’s a place that could be missed. But with this hype, I’m sure people will be clambering through Hanover Street to get a peek.

Walking in, you’re greeted with a skater park feel of spray painted art and characters welcoming you indoors. The music hit us. Like a wave of fun and childish play, we knew we’d made a fabulous choice to get involved with this launch.

DSC_0085 DSC_0065 DSC_0055

Rows or ping pong tables encouraged our inner child. Pool got us all competitive, and mini golf was just the start of the game wars. Where else in the city can you act like a kid, but not be disturbed by any. No kids allowed, with the bar in full swing and pizzas galore keeping our disco tummy’s happy.

The extensive cocktails list made us giddy, with the Pingstar Martini being one of the favourites – oh you guys. With meal deals during the week for cheaper than cheap pizzas, it’s a wonder anyone will ever go back to work around here.

DSC_0082 DSC_0038 DSC_0033

Speaking of work, the most amazing sight was seeing lads coming in from their office shift in town and being invited to this event … rolling up their sleeves, off comes the tie, shirt untucked – it’s game on on that ping pong table. The best atmosphere I’ve felt in a long time bounces off every wall, welcoming the laid back attitude and “let’s have a laugh” concept that I think can be so easily overlooked. People just wanna’ chill out too you know, and woop some ass with a golf club.

The staff were all too helpful on the night, even with it being so new. Drinks flowing, food overflowing and games being cheered and booed. A kind fella guided us to the outside terrace that we’d been looking for, and I think this is going to be the gem of the summer 2016. Sitting out there – beer in hand – pool table at the ready.

Looking forward to our return and claiming back those lost points on the games table. You go Roxy Ball Room – we had a ball.

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