If you’re looking to change your exercise routine drastically, but not looking for a personal trainer cost or route – then Heatcamps is for you.

I’ve tried out this phenomenon over 4 weeks – and I can honestly say it was god damn hard work! But that’s why you want. You want change, you want fun, and you want to feel that motivation which gets you working hard.

First hearing about Heatcamps on Instagram, I was intrigued. They are so determined to help you and the rest of the #HeatcampsArmy. You could physically see peoples body image and self confidence change.

My first lesson, I nervously approached the Walton building that hosted what I would soon find out to be a fantastic experience. Entering, I see a huge blow up tent, gym equipment and eager attendees. It’s a sight to be seen, and one that breaks the mould of the usual gym session.

Bradley – the instructor – sees that I’m new straight away and heads over to welcome me. With a bubbly and confident attitude, I feel part of the Army already. With humour in his tone, he runs through the basics and what I’m in for. What I really like with Heatcamps is they get to know you. They remember your face, your goals and if you don’t turn up!

Their system is a great one. All online, you buy a package of sessions to get you motivated to go – because just one isn’t going to do much. I went on the 8 sessions over 4 weeks package. But you can raise this if you’re looking for a more drastic change. You need to book quick though, because it’s already hugely popular with the Army!

We grab our dumbbells and I’m provided with a floor mat as it’s my first time – however you can pick one up from Sports Direct for around £8 (it’s got to be fabric – the others would be too slippy in the heat). The tent is unzipped and heat hits you.

Now for me, it’s welcomed. If you know me – I’m ALWAYS cold. So this is quite nice actually. You’re assembled into two lines facing each other with the instructor in the middle, making sure he can see everyone.

The fun begins. The music starts, and the blood pumps. The atmosphere in the tent is something you can’t really explain to a nervous first timer. Everyone is there for the same reason; to make a change. The instructors work you hard, I’ll definitely give them that. Harder than any class I’ve ever been to for sure and I left feeling all wobbly – in the best way. But the vibe of the tent is all fun and games, combined with motivation that makes you work work work in a fun way.

By the time it ends, you’re sweaty and feel accomplished. After a day, you’re in that ‘good’ pain that makes you feel like you’ve actually done something. And then the changes start…

Change is what we’re after, and I have my reasons for attending Heatcamps. So do many others….

I would 100% recommend Heatcamps to anyone looking to change in an environment that will encourage and motivate you. They are a team; a family you want to be a part of.

Thank you #HeatcampsArmy! In the words of Arnni – I’ll be back!

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