Hello Goodness

January Blues.
Christmas Is Over.
The gym gear is out in every shop, and everyone’s on a diet.
Sound about right?

I’m into a good health kick myself, but I started back in December when I thought I’d beat the rush and get into a gym routine the same time I started my new job. It worked well – until I got sicker than sick (and still recovering) over New Year. BAD NEWS. I’m feeling low, and I’m in need of a boost.

Bring in Juice. I was approached by Hello Goodness Juicebar and Grill to sample their LOW MOOD remedy packed full of goodness. Not a detox, or juice diet – just added positive vibes.

Below is a snapshot of what I was in for…

This brightened up my day to have 4 juices delivered to me in work. So what are my thoughts?

  1. The Colour: Yes, it’s a purple colour. Beetroot is one strong addition! But usually the crazier the colour, the more beneficial the drink – in my opinion.
  2. The Taste: Looking at the ingredients, you’re not in for a very sweet kick. The taste was fresh; more like a middle ground effect on my taste buds. It was a slow drinker, but it was enjoyable because you know that all them vitamins are swirling around inside you.
  3. The Effect: I thought it did have an effect on my mood, but I think it was the mental side of things. I knew I was drinking healthy and all that goodness was extra added to my already ‘okay’ diet. It made me feel good that I was being pumped full of goodness!

Overall: I’d give Hello Goodness a thumbs up. I’d definitely aspire to change my diet to the packed-full-of-positive food and drink they source. 

Hello Goodness want us ‘juice drink-ees’ to feel the lasting effects of an increased metabolic rate, marked detoxification of the liver, improved sleep patterns, a healthier complexion and an increase in energy levels. Well, I’m all for that!

These juice plans cleanse the body and stimulate a variety of benefits. When mixed in with healthy lifestyle choices – such as exercise – people have lost weight, (up to 6lbs in just 3 days apparently) although I wasn’t using my juice experience for this.

Not just juices being offered at Hello Goodness – there are breakfast menus, smoothies, juice detoxes, meal plans, main meals and more. They’re kitted out and radiating energy!

I’m anticipating their new opening in at the Sport Direct Gym in Aintree this month, which is super close to where I live. Bonus! It’s perfect for those working out to eat right as well as train right.

Thanks guys! I’m looking forward to trying out more of what Hello Goodness has to offer. Hello Healthy Me!

Have you tried any juices, or do you make any at home? 

Let me know!

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