Hair Salon Gems Outside The City Centre

So, I get bored easily with my hair – who doesn’t? But when you’re in need of that change in colour, a good chop to hit that long bob trend or make up that will look timeless on your Twitter picture – then you want to know where the best beauty salons in Liverpool are, and how to get in touch. So here are our 5 hidden gems for hair and beauty out of the city centre.

You want your hair long, thick and a curly bow with that? Of course, it’s Liverpool.

I love nothing more than finding these lovely’s on their own social media platforms – usually Instagram these days, with each showing off their work to grab those new clients. Well, they’ve got me, and I think a little look at their photos will do you the world of good.

Being a kind person, I’ve listed the top 5 hair and beauty salons that are off the track and out of the city centre. Where the girls truly are glamorous, and Liverpool style comes naturally.

Starting off with a new one, Lundon Rose. A new salon based on Longmoor Lane. The girls here look like they know the score, posting beautiful photographs of the most spectacular ombre colours. With introductory offers going on at the minute, you could easily be looking fabulous for a little less in this salon. Kitted out in a neutral and stylish boudoir, this salon is one I am going to try next.

Twitter: LundonRoseHair

Instagram: LundonRoseHair


Following with a more established name in the city is Zest Liverpool. My sister swears by the people here – with a particular soft spot for Josh who regularly cuts and colours her hair. Extensions are the main game here, with Beauty Works being on offer last time I checked, when bought through the store. Many a-celeb get their locks sorted here, with them always happy and amazed by the outcome of the magical ones employed at Zest. Very professional, and a known brand in Liverpool, these guys are based near County Road and worth the travel out of the centre for their hair and makeup.

Twitter: zest_hair

Instagram: zestliverpool


Let’s go back again; to a new salon on the scene that I think needs a spotlight. Heavenly Halos, located near Walton Vale is a new little den that looks as though they offer a close and personalised service. On the hunt for a new stylist at the minute, the team seems to be expanding due to the high demand and fabulous results. Up-dos I think look spectacular here, setting you apart from the rest of the crowd – like Liverpool always does! I’d watch this salon, as the owner looks to develop; the name will be associated with great hair and style.

Twitter: heavenly_halos

Instagram: heavenly.haloshair


Another niche place out of the way that have a great Instagram feed to boast are hair extension specialists at Goldiee Locks, in Kirkby. Professional make up and HD brows are the norm here too, with the team offering great package and bundle discounts – just keep up with their Twitter to get them! My OTHER sister swears by this place also, always getting her Beauty Works sewn in here. She loves the atmosphere in the salon, and I’d look to these girls to look after you when in the need of a do-over.

Twitter: HairGoldiee

Instagram: goldieelocks1


Lastly, but one of the favourites where I’ve been myself is The Glamour Pit. This place is special, and has built up a great reputation in the city. I myself had my hair and makeup done here for my 21st birthday – let’’s not speak of how old I am – and I fell in love with the look. If I can find the photo I’ll attach it underneath… My sister who attends Zest for cut and colours came her recently before going out to get her make up done by an MUA known as Lilli Kelly – if you say her name now, she is instantly known because of her literally jawdropping make up – and her hair in a bubble styled pony. We have a post all about her here.

Twitter: TheGlamourPit

Instagram: theglamourpit



So there are the hidden gems of the city. These are the ‘off the track’ and out of the way hubs that will offer you a true Liverpool experience of hair, makeup, brows and more. Liverpool is such a beautiful city, and the girls here are on their game. Th girls in the city can boast a style and edge to hair and makeup that is going under the radar in the UK.


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