Experience Belfast City In A Weekend

Are you planning to get away from Liverpool for a little bit? Why – it’s fabulous! But I know – sometimes life just needs a change of scenery. I love taking little trips away; the traveller in me loves to explore. A weekend in Belfast is what you need.

The boyfriend and I weren’t even planning to go away on this occasion, but I like to sit and search flights for fun. Searching to fly from the home city, because we like to be awesome in Liverpool and have our own John Lennon Airport. I found dirt-cheap flights to Belfast City on dates that we were surprisingly free. After looking at their Belfast Guide (check it out here), I thought – why the heck not. I booked them. And told the boyfriend afterwards.

We were off, and I was aiming to be the belle of Belfast City.

Spending a weekend here; I can share with all you Liverpool lads and lasses the 5 tips to take advantage of when heading to Belfast on a budget whim.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Stay in an awesome spot:
Premier Inn Belfast City Centre (Alfred Street)

If you’re just heading away for the weekend on a whim, then a Premier Inn is just what you need, and this one was perfect. Bar and restaurant downstairs – yes. Comfy room, with an iron! – check. Location to walk everywere – 100%. It’s dotted in the perfect place. With a Nando’s around the corner, supermarket shops for stocking up on night time sweets, plus walking distance to the bustling city centre and town hall. You have everything you need!

Premier Inn Belfast Premier Inn Belfast

Eat awesome food:

When we go away, we eat. And this is no different. My other half absolutely adores Mexican food, so if you love Barburrito or Tortilla in town, you’re going to love this one. Its called Boojum, and I think we ate here probably about 3 times in 3 days. Wrong? Yes. Delicious? Obviously. Fresh Mexican wraps made to perfection on the go. AND it’s right around the corner from the above hotel. WINNING!

Boojum Boojum

Drink awesome drinks:
The Garrick

When we go away, we eat and we drink. First night; we explored the nearby drinking gaffs, and found a place that I wish was a local by my house. Walking in, it’s covered in old, dark, oak wood that immediately makes you feel all warm and cosy. A big bar surrounded by memorabilia from the world travellers who arrived at The Garrick doors. Obviously, we tried a Guinness – with a pump that accommodated our thirst to try a classic Irish drink.

Listen to awesome music:
Dirty Onion

We’re out. And we’ve been for a few. So we’ve headed to the Dirty Onion. I love this place, I think it’s Belfast’s answer to the Baltic Triangle vibe mixed with The Kazimier layout; outdoors and hipster. The place had live music, and that’s why I loved this place. A fella’ and his guitar singing my favourite ‘blast from the past’ tunes. It was memorable; a must stop off in Belfast.

The Dirty Onion The Dirty Onion

Shop awesomely:
Victoria Square

After all that food and drink, you might want to relax around the shops. Victoria Square is the answer. It’s Belfast’s own Liverpool ONE, with a cinema, restaurants, shops and the rest. It’s such a lovely setup, you can walk around for hours. That’s the place we would spend our day, flitting away money that we didn’t really have but worrying about that another time. Belfast is to be enjoyed!

Victoria Square Victoria Square

Belfast City, I actually do love you.
You’re my perfect weekend getaway for a small price from Liverpool

Where to next then Liverpool?

(Advertisement for Liverpool John Lennon Airport Belfast Guide. All views are my own.)


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