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I got the email and was super excited, spreading the news with my mum straight away. The Body Shop in Liverpool One were holding a blogger event – and I was so there.

Heading to the store after work was a rush as always, but I met my gorgeous Mother Bewley there, and we walked in grasping at the smells and aromas that are so vibrant with The Body Shop brand.

First ones here, it’s always a good thing for me. I like to be an early bird! I’m greeted by a few shop team members, eventually meeting Lauren, Assistant Manager at The Body Shop. All of them were welcoming and knowledgable with their products.

So, what did we get to sneak a peek at? Well, the first one that grabbed my attention was the brand new Piñita Colada range. It literally picked me up and dropped me in the middle of the caribbean with a cocktail in hand and the sun on my face. With the body scrub hosting desiccated coconut as it’s specialty ingredient – I was stunned by it’s gorgeous smell. Finishing off with a body butter to make my hands float on air with softness, I was feeling pampered. Easy to say, Mum and Me purchased the Body Butter and Scrub before we’d left the shop…

The Body Shop The Body Shop The Body ShopThe Body Shop

Another offer was to check out the skincare station, were a lady chatted away with me to see what my skin was like and then recommended the best products. Vitamin E, in the pink packaging was a large part of the store – and she said this was one of the most popular ranges. People with sensitive skin like myself should definitely take a look at this. The Aqua Boost Sorbet has air bubbles that continue to replenish the skins moisture; it’s a brilliant range for little sensitive-senoritas like myself. She also talked about the new Skin Defence that has been launched, with 50+ SPF that acts as an extra moisturiser for the face on top of your daily routine. Protecting your supple skin from all things sun, pollution and air conditioning when you’re on a long haul flight – this stuff is going to keep you from drying up like an empty sponge.
The Body Shop The Body Shop

Lastly was that makeup side of life – a side that I much enjoy. Having trouble with skin can be a nightmare, and these new CC Creams seem to be a solution. Instaglow Bright Glow, Peachy Glow and Warm Glow – depending on your skin tone – acts as a primer and activates the glow in your skin before plastering on that make up. I used a little of this in the shop, and the pearly iridescence was mesmerising to a make up lover.

The Body ShopThe Body ShopThe Body Shop The Body Shop

We flitted about the shop, smelling and smiling. But ultimately – we left with more knowledge of skincare and make up, plus the confidence in The Body Shop for helping us in getting that perfect complexion we’re all looking for.

Heading out the door, we were handed a little leaving gift with some goodies, and Mum and me have had a chance to try them out over this week… so what is the truth?

The Body Shop


A Mum’s Opinion: “I’ve been using this everyday, and looking to go back in and buy it. It’s a great start to to the day, and keeps the make up looking fresh.”

Me: “Really like this. It makes your skin feel really fresh and illuminated, perfect for the summer coming up to keep your face glowing. Think I’ll be buying it too! I’ve only had the small sample tub and it’s lasted me about 5 days.”


A Mum’s Opinion: “Little bit different to the body butter that I bought, but just as goof. This feels a little bit more cleansing that the body butter that is more moisturising. The sorbet is all bubbly, and refreshing on the skin. It’s next on the list!”

Me: “This was a little bubbly tub of fun. A little goes a long way, and left my skin super soft. Even though I’m sensitive, this one was perfect on my body. And left me wanting to be on my holiday!”


A Mum’s Opinion: “I bought the big tub of this and I use it each shower. It’s rough enough to exfoliate, but soft enough to not harm the skin by using regularly. I like that it has the coconut in. different to the sugar usually used. It reminds me of my holiday!”

Me: “Love that it’s dessicated coconut that is scrubbing you. It’s so authentic and genuine. The smell is divine, and worked so well with applying the sorbet after. This will be my summer smell…”


A Mum’s Opinion: “That Skin Defence, it’s gorgeous! I usually put my moisturiser on and then my make up straight away, and it leaves my face all tacky so the make up doesn’t stick very long. But this CC Cream keeps my face moisturised, but leaves a smooth base that the make up clings to. I’m well impressed!”

Me: “Really like the idea of this. Sun protection is so important day to day that I never really think about. I think I like that this protects from other harms too, like being on a long haul flight soon – that will be the ultimate test! I really like this product, but I’d like to see what long term effects is has on my skin.”


A Mum’s Opinion: “I’m always looking for night cream, and this is great. The smell is lovely, and lasts until the morning when I’m off applying the next batch.”

Me: “For me, this was a product I couldn’t really use with sensitive skin. However, Mum said she loved it! My skin is just too temperamental. But that just opens you up to using different product, such as the Vitamin E range that I now adore. The skincare experts in store can help you pick the best product for you personally…”


A Mum’s Opinion: “Beautiful and silky soft. It’s more intense that the others, but provides an in-depth moisture for the skin.”

Me: “Same as the above really, just a little bit tingly on my face. The product smalls gorgeous though, I just wish my face was a little tougher – so i’ll be sticking with the other killer products! That’s what great about The Body Shop – they understand everyones skin is different, and they have the remedy for each.”

The Body Shop



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