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It’s PARTY time at Euro Hostel. That baby is celebrating it’s First Birthday in this great city, and we were invited down for a glass of champers and some classic family party tunes. Who doesn’t love a bit of a through back to “BABY CAKES – YOU JUST DON’T KNOW KNOWWWW!”

Celebrating in style, Euro Hostel brought out the ever popular Photo Booth and even a Roulette Table with a twist. If you were the big winner of the night,  you could grab yourself a night for two at any of the Euro Hostels. That includes Liverpool – obvs – Newscastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

1325 BEDS

But would you stay in a Hostel? That’s the question isn’t it. I’ve had my time in some hostels when travelling around Thailand for a few weeks. And they actually changed my mind, because they were welcoming, clean and sociable in prime locations. Euro Hostel is the same, but much more familiar with its surroundings.

Budget-friendly prices and slap bang in the middle locations are what make me happy about. But what will probably change your mind is what this place actually looks like. Now, we got a tour of the place – and honestly, even if you’re from the city, it’s the perfect place to grab the Suite and split it between the 8 friends for a top night out. If you’re OUT OUT, then pre-drinks and after drinks are looking good here… this is why.

Liverpool Bloggers - Euro Hostel

  1. Look at this MASSIVE mirror with so many plugs! If you hire this out with your girl gang, it’s room dedicated for you to get ready in! Perfect.

Liverpool Bloggers - Euro Hostel

2. Drinks anyone? This is the place where pre-drinks, games and fun happens before and after your night out. Not in the photo – but there is a tele there too, so get the The Box on will ya!

Liverpool Bloggers - Euro Hostel

3. Once you’ve stuffed your face with something you’ll regret the next day, you’ve got these big smushy beds to kip in! Get your head down, sleep it off and sort life in the morning.

Speaking to one of the lovely lasses who works in the Glasgow Euro Hostel, she opened my eyes to my next POA (Plan Of Action) when it comes to a night out outside of Liverpool. She said her train ticket had cost £25, and a stay in the Euro Hostel between friends would be buttons. Cheap night out in Glasgow-land anyone for Christmas?

Me and the other half went to Edinburgh for Hogmanay last New Year. It might be worth seeing if there are any suites availability in the Hostel if you and a gang are heading to the festival. (By the way, it’s the BEST place for New Year!)

Thanks for the party EH! See you in another land soon, yeah?


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