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Voodou Liverpool is becoming my favourite place. It’s vibe, it’s staff and it’s services. They just make me happy! And now to add to it, they’re BIG advocates for the Liverpool Blogger Network – and I am a fan of that!

Christmas time is here. If you’e a BAH HUMBUG, then I want none of ya! When I was invited to #VoodouChristmas by the lovely and fabulous Anna & Allie, I was SUPER excited. Christmas food, christmas crackers, christmas music – I’m in my element here guys.

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-29-29FIRST THOUGH: What I can offer you! Voodou are offering 50% off for brand new clients – wahay! So if you love the look, then go for it. Quote my name (Steph Bewley!), or Liverpool Bloggers – and you’ll be presented with the ULTIMATE when it comes to dry shampoo. The Hippy Club version, that does’t get chalky or turn into a sticky mess when rain decides to show up. And that is a guest that ALWAYS shows up. So, just remember that when heading to Voodou in November! Book in today online.

But what made this event so good? It had a touch of everything that a girl could ever want or need. Here are my reasons why…

WHY NUMBER 1: Hair Mare No More

We had the option of 4 hairstyles. I picked the Festive Braid that was OH so cute. Wrapped with a ribbon, I was well impressed. Can I recreate it at home? I think so! Voodou are known for their imaginative hair style and colours. I spoke with Alison, a hairdresser at Voodou – and I’m thinking a change might be on the cards for me if she’ll help me out…

Liverpool Bloggers - Voodou Christmas

WHY NUMBER 2: Make Up Mini

The fabulous Elizabeth (check out her Instagram!) got her hands on me and worked her festive magic. She has such an amazing vibe about her that made me all excited about make up and Christmas! With my Red Lips and Sparkle Eye, I was referred to as ‘Snow White’ for the night. I’ll take that!

qqLiverpool Bloggers - Voodou Christmas

WHY NUMBER 3: Christmas. That’s it, just Christmas.

The place was decked out, and it made me all happy and glittery. Just look at the bubbles in that Prosecco – they’re joyous! The ladies and gents at Voodou welcomed us bloggers and made us feel at home in their space. With nibbles and choccy to keep us all happy, the Christmas table reminded me of being back in primary school when you had the Xmas Disco.

Liverpool Bloggers - Voodou Christmas Liverpool Bloggers - Voodou Christmas Liverpool Bloggers - Voodou Christmas

WHY NUMBER 4: Trinkets, My New Love

One find that I did adore was the Hippy Club‘s Hair Trinket (fab Instagram). I have this in today, and it’s a new favourite. I’ve just got mine clipped in, but I think I need to head back and make this more permanent with a micro-ring. They last up to 3 months, and you wash it the same as usual – and the feathers are real, so they just poof back up  once dry. I love Louise and her Hippy Club brand that lies in the beauty-cave below Voodou. I had my extensions done there recently (read about it here), and they were AMAZE. I’m thinking of getting them back in for Christmas because they are still perfect! See all their products here.

img_7477-pngLiverpool Bloggers - Voodou ChristmasLiverpool Bloggers - Voodou Christmas

WHY NUMBER 5: Goodies, and goodies galore.

The goodie bags were top dollar! Redken products making me sigh with happiness. But what I really loved was the hand written Christmas Card that told us all about Voodou and where it’s come from. Here’s my favourite parts that I’ll share before I round up…. Thank you – #VoodouChristmas = Hella’ success!

“We have salons across the city, including out West Derby Road Salon, our Button Street Salon, better known as out blow dry bar, and our Voodou 4 Him barbers just a few doors down from our colour specialist, Bold Street Salon…

We’re home to Redken, the haircare heroes from 5th Avenue NYC. This connection between Liverpool and New York is something we like to celebrate at Voodoue, being the Salon for creative, including artists, musicians and bloggers like you!”

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