Kiss My Fairy: Number 1 Bodypaint Shop in Ibiza


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Beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches, outstanding restaurants, and an attitude that creates happiness, togetherness and fun times. Of course, we’re talking about Ibiza.

Gorgeous bikini bodies at the beach with images of Zoo Project fanatics getting dolled up across out summer new feed. But where is that glittering body-art from? Top-secret. But we know it’s the work of Gemma Charters and Karen Nicholls of Kiss My Fairy – Ibiza’s number 1 body painting shop.

Originally from the Midlands and Manchester, their first meeting in Ibiza would lead to a business adventure like no other. Falling in love with the island, the pair took over ‘the party capital of the world’ with glitter and glam.

Make up genius, Karen got into make up after studying for 2 years and doing a year’s job work experience.

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“I started in a theatre in Manchester but soon moved to London to work in theatre and film. My love for body painting started whilst working at the Royal Opera House. We regularly had to create mystical sea creatures or Greek gods because they love nude scenes in the opera! Ibiza is the perfect island for creativity and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to open a business that no one had done over here before.”

In charge of promotions, Gemma tells MUA how the team all possess make up artistry qualification, or an art based qualification – plus an extremely creative flair. Each year, applicants swarm to be part of the KMF team.

People love fancy dress, especially island party-goers looking for that creative design to set them apart from the rest. Never shy to the odd celebrity, the KISS MY FAIRY team have glitzed up Lydia Bright, Josie Gibson, Chelsea Healey, Sam Faiers, Ferne McCann and some of the Eastenders cast. Featured on the popular, TOWIE, the team created gold designs on Chloe Simms and Elliott Wright while also on hand for glamorous make-up and hair for Danielle Locke, Jasmin Walia and Georgia Kousoulou.

“Our team of artists are incredible talented so they have so many of their own creative ideas but every day, we are drawing inspiration from anything around us including elements of Ibiza, current trends, listening to people on what they want and also sourcing other elements that we can add to our designs to make them completely unique to us – for instance our glitter. It is the thing we get asked the most – where do you get your glitter from?

And our response – It’s our own creation and Top Secret information that only Karen and I know!”

It looks like everyone has fell under the spell of body art magic with trends coming and going as quick as the beachy-waves. Experimenting this winter with 3D elements, KMF are looking at including gems, sequins, stickers, flowers and more to their collection of creative designs. Obviously in Ibiza – it’s hot hot, so the team use a variety of water based and greasepaint professional paints of the highest standard, including industry leaders, MAC. Topped off with a sprinkle of that bespoke glitter.

“Body paint is something you can’t necessarily get away with back in the UK, so when they are on holiday in Ibiza they can indulge in something a little bit creative and different. One of the things people have said they love about our designs is that they get stopped in the street and other holiday makers ask to have their photos taken with them. It’s like being a celeb for the day! And of course our designs make great profile pictures for social media accounts.”

Busy creating new designs for training up artists this year, Kiss My Fairy look fired up and ready for this coming summers antics.

ADVICE: For people wanting to get into the more theatrical side of make up the best thing to do is search for a course with an experienced make-up artist teacher. The more on the job knowledge they have the more they can teach you. Get as much on the job experience as possible. You can only learn so much in a classroom. Practise, practice, practise all the time. Keep current with make-up trends and keep educating yourself all the time. You never stop learning.

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