Koh Phi Phi Dreaming

Okay, so after Chiang Mai – I was looking forward to the chill of the next 4 islands. Koh Phi Phi (then a long journey) to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Koh Samui. Phi Phi (spoken Pee-Pee) made realise how beautiful Thailand can be out of the hustle of the city. It’s view from the beach left me speechless. Clear water, archaic rocks with aged beauty and a sun that looked happy to stick around.

We had an amazing time in Phi Phi, with the hotel being perfect for us. Ibiza House, with a little walk through to the beach and its own pool and bar made for an amazing stay. Catch up with my accommodation post… My favourite element of Phi Phi is that there are no bikes, mopeds, cars, taxis – the lot. You aren’t beeped at, and fearing what’s coming round the corner. Walking is the future!

Have you heard about the buckets you get inThailand? Sand buckets filled to the brim with alcohol. They’re deadly, but in the best way. Aslong as you know your limit and stick with a safe gang of people – you’re good to go. Buckets end up cheaper, with more alcohol for your money. It’s tough with the weather being so warm, but makes for a drunk night out.

We discovered another side of the island too. More family and couple based I’d say, with a ‘posher’ feel to it. So I would still reccommend the place to people who don’t want to go out to the party scene.

Maya Bay Sunset tour was really good, but please get a smaller boat! Unless you want Bob’s Booze Cruise; get a small one. The big ones don’t “Add atmosphere”, they just mean it’s a pain in the ass to get onto a small boat with a hole in to actually reach the islands, because the big one can’t get close enough. It was a pain, and made the trip very stop/start. One of the beaches charge 400baht to go on, and it’s worth it if you’ve brought a good load of spends. If not, the view from Phi Phi is just as spectacular.

Phi Phi was my favourite!

Next up – Koh Tao!
Koh Phi Phi Koh Phi Phi Koh Phi Phi



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