Koh Samui Goodbyes

Summing up our time in Thailand, we discovered the beautiful Koh Samui. A mixture of modern life and traditional Thailand culture.

After a taxi ride that took a little longer than the others had, we arrived at the hostel. Chill Inn Beach and Cafe, which welcomed our stay perfectly.

With an Irish owner, we knew we were in safe hands. Shane was great, learning all our names, which is a little personal touch. The hostel is only small, and new, and amazing.

The food was traditionally Thai, with some of the best dishes we’d had in the whole time. Comfy beds and a clean bathroom made me happy. However, the view was spectacular. Beds and a bar overlooking the water was amazing.

We took a walk to The Rock Bar. A super chilled out place that ended up as one of our favourite nights. We took a taxi to the McDonalds and had a few games of pool with ladyboys of the island. We had a great night!

The second night, we all went out as a hostel. This was fabulous, as we got to meet the people and share our stories. I naturally latched on to three Americans, and we had such a laugh. I love the American lifestyle and their humour. A few games of pool, Pina Coladas and a free thai boxing fight visited by all – we had a ball.

The best was the balloon game, which was inside the ring as a half time show. Volunteers get a balloon around their ankle – aim of the game: pop everyone else’s balloon, save your own. The ring was FULL of tourists. But the last 7 were all Thai girls. It was amazing and such a hysterical experience. I enjoyed it much much much more than the fighting!

Koh Samui was out last place, and we’re heading back to Bangkok before coming home. I’m sad to say goodbye to the simple lifestyle that focuses on peace and enjoyment. The hustle of normal life will be a shock to the system…

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