Liverpool Ice Festival: Top tips for 2017

When I think about Christmas, I become a child. The magic overwhelms me, and I’m in my own little happy bubble of glitter and festivity…

I also LOVE Liverpool around this time. It’s like it’s in the air and it just spreads across the city like a blanket of pure joy. One thing that is becoming a favourite is the Ice Festival at the Pier Head. As soon as it’s open, I’m there – and this year, it was no different.

The first weekend, I’ve been. And planning to go back for that mulled wine to warm me up! So what’s the run down. What are the tips and tricks to getting the best out of the Ice Festival…

1. Go early – If you have little ones, and want them to see everything, I would suggest heading straight for the Ice Slide. This is because it can build up a little bit of queue, so go and get that excitement to get the adrenaline going! Also, if it is a bit of a long wait, you can judge it on the day and head around the rest of the festival and head back.

2. Go late – what? Yeah, the complete opposite. But this is more for the couples and the adults I’d say. Once all the kids have had their fun in the day time and are off to bed, you can take over that place! Ice Slide, Ice Rink, Ice Bar – all yours. I’d suggest grabbing a mulled wine or cider and then heading into the Ice Bar. You do get a free shot with your ticket to get the night off with a kick, but taking in a hot drink definitely keeps you toasty in the temperatures. Then you can get all snumfy-dumfy and warm each other up in the Apres Bar.

3. Get a penguin – Alright, this one might just be for me, but on the Ice Rink – I wanted my own penguin! I am only 5ft and did have to lean over, but hey – I didn’t fall! Well, I know that’s all part of the experience, but in all honesty I took my 7 year old niece on the ice and we both had a penguin each because I was too scared of not being able to help her if she needed it. What a laugh that was, because after being on the ice for about 5 minutes – you’re already into it. There is always that ONE GOBSH_*^E though who thinks they can rival Torvill and Dean, and that ONE person absolutely crash landed into someone they had never met before… please, DON’T be that person. The Ice Rink was great, and not too busy which I liked. I’m not sure if my session was full; we went on a Sunday at 12pm but it felt like you could happily skate without getting stuck in the pack.

4. Dare the Ice Jet – oh my lord. You might have seen the rides this year from afar, but the one you want to go on is the Ice Jet. It was hysterical. But make sure you have a tough stomach because you aren’t getting off it any time soon. Going fast forward, then even faster forward, then backwards, then even faster backwards – you’re basically about to experience the closest thing to time travel. It’s boss, and worth the tokens. One I wouldn’t say is worth the tokens is (I can’t remember the official name) one that is a maze of mirrors and windows… if you see it, you’ll know. Nothing much happens, it’s just don’t walk into a wall. BUT, my sister did go on it and got stuck in the hamster wheel and fell to the ground like she was on slow-mo which was a highlight of the day, so you know…

5. Go big or go home – when you’re at these things, you’ve had your wine, you’ve nearly broke your neck on the ice and given it all you can on the rides that you can drag someone on to. But that stomach is feeling empty, so fill it with a mega-bratwurst. The German Sausage. I’ll avoid all the innuendo’s here as best I can but… it’s a big sausage and it’s NICE!

Liverpool Ice Festival 2017

If you can’t make to everything, then my suggestion for the kids and families would be the Ice Rink – you get 45 minutes of fun and mayhem. It’s for all ages, from tiny to teen with the skating aids if needed – so a good all rounder that is worth the spending.

For the others, then I’d say visit the food stalls and the Nutella Hut (Don’t, I can’t cope!!! It needs to be my home) followed by the Ice Bar – then welcome a warm mulled wine in the Apres Bar…

Have a mentioned the wine 3 times now? Ice Festival 2017, you got me in the mood. Christmas – come at me, bruh.

If you’re looking to head to the event, check out all the information by visiting the website on




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