Living Life In Bangkok

Arrival in Bangkok. WOAH! This is a new type of adventure. One that I’m looking forward to exploring. After over 24hours travel; we have reach Thailand.

We flew with Qatar Airways and thumbs up guys – it was amazing! Flying fromManchester to Doha – Doha to Bangkok we were treated with alcohol, films and that little extra leg room. However, the second flight was the most awesome ever, with new techonology at its best. Plus, an empty flight meant me and my 4 gang could spread out, sleeping across 3 or 4 seats each. Being stuffed full of yummy food, i would say the flight went great. Travelling is never a pleasure, don’t get me wrong. But if flying like we did with Qatar is the future, then I’m looking forward to it.

Taxi from the airport; taxi here, there and everywhere – remember, you haggle your taxi. 500baht?!! What. No. Okay, 150? Let’s go. Always get a price, and make sure it’s for all involved, not per person. The tuktuk rides are something special. 80km/h++++ on a tiny scooter with a roof is FUN. With 5 people, it’s scary. Taxi is the safer option to be honest, the roads are crazy here anyway. The boyfriend and I got our own tuktuk at some point which was fun to get some footage on the GoPro…

Yesterday lead us to go out and meet up with a local friend who treated us to street food on Sukhumvit38. Mook is the name she’s known by, and we know her from previous travels. She is the most beautiful person inside and out. So sweet, and generous – she offered us a tour of Bangkok from the eyes of a native. But, I won’t lie – i was scared!

Sitting on a foldaway table under a cover with a great gang of people, and honest Thai food – it’s a memory I’m fond of. By the end night, we treated Mook to a Hard Rock Cafe where we watched live music and had our first BIG meal as a group. After all that, she presented us with gifts of Thai boxing shorts with our names on. I’m so happy she got to show us a slight glimpse of her life.

Bangkok welcomes the rain at night, but the heat here meant it was glorious. We ended up in a bar in some place named ROUTE 66, and it was a top night. We’ve discovered Leo beer that would be the theme to our holiday, and it went down nicely each night. Huge bottles are between 100-180baht. It was an amazing first night. We kept hopping from one bar to the next, but always ending up back at the same one. Getting more and more fuelled with alcohol,  the boys and i swapped stories, rowed, loved and laughed.

It was a slow start with a “traditional” McDonalds to cure a hangover the next day. Not very cultural I admit! We ventured to Bangkok city, and found the greatest tour guide for The Grand Palace. Telling us stories of the Thai culture was inspiring. Buddism seems like a peaceful religion that I would like to reflect upon my own beliefs. Grand palaces, hand painted walls, and a Buddha in great forms meant I loved it’s spirtual nature.

We ended up walking to Khao San Road. It’s a dive, and it’s a hub for all tourists with street food, bars an markets. Chilling with drinks, we ended up staying the night and ended up involved in street raves and midnight Pad Thai.

The next day was all go go go getting to Don Mueang Airport and flying to Chiang Mai. Bangkok was a city full of hustle and bustle, a great way to start this trip!

BangkokBangkok Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok



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