Meet Frank Liverpool

***UPDATE: Now moved from Ghetto Golf***

Meet ‘Meet Frank’. The guy who has hijacked the term ‘hotdog’ and took it to a whole new level.

Gluten free.
None of the dodgy stuff.
And all of the amazing taste.

Just a taster there.

Meet Frank Liverpool

Using only free-range pork shoulder and prime beef, this bundle of joy is a new taste sensation to the street food scene.

Frank is the famous and fantastical creator of these signature dogs. As well as chicken wings, pork belly pretzel roll, big sharer fries, grilled cheese and frickles (which are fried pickles) and a fabulous choice of vegan and veggie dogs that delight and are devoured.

The journey only began in 2014, and now Frank is locking links with the ultimate fun time at Ghetto Golf. He started with taking his hotdog beauties around festivals, bringing the happiness to everyone who needs a dog in their life.

Ghetto Golf Meet Frank Liverpool

I remember seeing these guys at Liverpool Loves the first year it came to the Albert Dock. I remember them vividly because they caused an absolute storm, with huge queues and mega food. Here’s the picture to prove it. I got mine in front of the Liver Building….

Liverpool Bloggers - Liverpool Loves FestivalLiverpool Bloggers - Liverpool Loves Festival

The taste is amazing. And I mean up there with the top dogs… Get it? We tried:

Frank-In-Blanket: Oak-smoked pork frank triple wrapped in smoked streaky bacon, crispy shoestring potatoes and house-made honey and mustard sauce.

Big Smokey: 8” smoked dog, proper pickles topped with local smoked back bacon, mixed peppers, garlic and chilli sauce and dried crispy onions.

Currywurst Fries: Mixed fries topped with spicy fried onion, pork bratwurst and curry ketchup.

Big Smokey Fries: Mixed fries topped with local smoked back bacon, mixed peppers, smoked garlic and chilli sauce, dill pickles and dried crispy onions.

I’ve heard he’s not even finished yet. Apparently he’s off to New York for more inspiration.

Erm … can I come with!?

Meet Frank LiverpoolMeet Frank Liverpool

Meet Frank Liverpool



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