Noctua Silversmithing Workshops and Jewellery

If you’re inspired by craft, if you’re looking for a new hobby, if you’re looking for something unique – you’ve found it in the form of Noctua Silversmithing Workshops and Jewellery.

I’ve known Brittany for a little while now. We were introduced by a friend at her blogger event a couple of years ago, and have managed to stay in touch. Since the age of 15, she has been creating beauty in the form of jewellery, but now she is embarking on an adventure that I am excited to watch.

Noctua now offers silversmithing workshops that invites those with a crafty eye to create their own stacking rings, pendants, ear rings and what will soon be more trinkets and treats.

Brittany invited me down to her new workspace above The Baltic Social, in Elevator Studios. It’s a joint venture with – and all mentioned have helped her with starting this up. I loved the camaraderie and positive vibe that I felt from everyone I passed. All getting on with their own thing, but welcoming contact with each other and helping one another for the fun of it.

Noctua - Liverpool Bloggers Noctua - Liverpool Bloggers

I sat mesmerised by Brittany’s knowledge of silversmithing and it was such a pleasure to listen and learn. She spoke to me about how the metals worked together, how heat changed the metal’s movement and how the tools would need to be used delicately to protect the metal. She was in control, and knew exactly how to help and steer me in the right direction to create my stacking rings.

If you know me, you know I have baby hands. No, literally – my 6 year old niece just tried on my finished rings and they fitted her. But Brittany welcomed the challenge, and we created something so unique and different that I can keep with me forever.

Noctua - Liverpool Bloggers Noctua - Liverpool Bloggers

We spoke for hours, enjoying chatting and crafting. She spoke of how her classes welcome all different groups, all eager to learn the art of silversmithing.

I started with a piece of silver; cutting it to my perfect size. I filed the edges and brought the ends together to form a ‘D’ shape. The shape of the D helped with connecting the edges, making the joint stronger. I used a small blow torch and a specific mixture to merge the two ends. Soon, I was shaping the ring by hammering the silver. I added the trinkets of a gem stone and the golden butterfly with her wings set to fly mode. I buffed and polished. I’d created my own unique pair of rings with their own imperfections and trademarks – they were mine.

I loved the class, and I honestly think it appeals to so many people. I love the authentic independent way the brand is flourishing. The passion that Brittany has for her craft is clear on her face, and how she talks, and how she teaches. It flows through to you, and it catches quickly. It’s exciting and new with the potential to create some beautiful pieces for yourself or someone else.

Thank you Brittany for welcoming me into your world. 

You can book in with Brittany through the website, by clicking here.

  Noctua - Liverpool BloggersNoctua - Liverpool Bloggers Noctua - Liverpool Bloggers Noctua - Liverpool Bloggers


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