Nolita Cantina

After heading to a blogger event in town, Mum and me were ravenous. So what better than to try out a new gaff, and a burger based one at that. I headed straight for Nolita Cantina.

Nolita Cantina Nolita Cantina Nolita Cantina
Bold Street is becoming a hub for independents recently, and I love it! This place is no exception, offering a personal and intimate setting with all it’s own quirky assets to keep you coming back. With booths and tables merry and busy, we’re seated next to the American flag. Peering down the restaurant, I can see the kitchen goading me to hurry up and order.

Opening the menu, I see a whole lot of delicious-ness. Burgers are on the brain, so I’m going all out here. Ordering a cheeseburger – double stack burger with Mont Jack, spicy ketchup and american mustard topped with caramelised onions. Mum goes for the crazy option, that includes bacon and peanut covered popcorn – oh I can’t wait to see her face!

Not content with the burger and our sides of fries, we decided nachos would be a great way to start our little date. And we were right…

Nolita Cantina Nolita Cantina
They were huge by the way, and definitely sharing size. Filled with everything you can imagine and more, they were nachos to be proud of!

When the burgers arrived, they didn’t disappoint either. In fact, they majorly impressed with their epic size! A mountain of chips – the usual and sweet potato – plus a stacked high burger. Mine was melt in the mouth perfection with cheese on top. What could be better?

Nolita Cantina Nolita Cantina

Mum’s was crazy, as expected. I had a little taste, and that popcorn was divine. That’s because I have a sweet tooth, which would definitely be satisfied by this treat.

If you’ve worked up an appetite, and a big big burger is on the cards – then Nolita Cantina is heaven in the form of food. In the words of Arnie, “I’ll be back”.

Nolita Cantina





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