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Cocktails. What more do you want from an invitation? You know the way to my heart! But when the word ‘Whiskey’ was uttered – it made me pause. And I never pause when it comes to a good glamorous cocktail.

“Whiskey. Bourbon Whiskey.” I said to me Dad. His face turned to a smile; which worried me just as much. He appreciates the finer alcohol every once in a while, and knew a hell of a lot more about whiskey than I did when going into this.

Old Forester

But I loved it. I embraced the sophisticated ideals that went along with whiskey, and snapped up the opportunity to work alongside Old Forester as they launch their first UK Campaign.

Let’s get the low down. Liverpool Bloggers were chosen from 6 blogs across the UK; from London, Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. So first of all, I was ecstatic to even be found in this tangled World Wide Web.

Approaching us meant we were invited down to an amazing Liverpool place that I actually adore now. Berry and Rye. This might be something you’ve already heard of, and if you have – no wonder you kept it a secret! I’m scared to put this on here in case you all get the same idea as me to make this my local.

Berry and Rye Berry and Rye Berry and Rye

It’s small, cosy, comforting snug that’s nestled near the Bombed Out Church. It has only black doors and no windows nor sign to welcome. But don’t be deceived, it adds to its charm. When you walk inside, you’re greeted with a bar filled with archaic glasses and bottles that ooze history. The moody lighting transports you from the busy city centre back to a time that wouldn’t comprehend the thought of an Apple phone.

Meeting the guys from Berry and Rye was epic. Thanks Guys! Sam from behind the bar spoke about cocktails like they are an art form – which I 100% believe they are after his words. We were invited to Berry and Rye to try out some cocktails, and help us in our whiskey quest…

Not only the invite here to try out some Old Foresters, but also a proposition to create our own cocktail creation at home. On arriving at Berry and Rye; so did the postman – with our cocktail kit, which included a huge bottle of Old Forester each for both me and the guys behind the bar – WINNERS!

Sam masterfully created a few classics with the whiskey; combinations that I’d of never thought would work. One element of a cocktail could completely transform the drink from feeling fresh and fruity, to smooth and creamy. I was mesmerised. And knew that I had a hard task ahead having to create my own of these bad boys!!

We tried:

Mint Julep

Berry and Rye

Whiskey Smash

Berry and Rye

Old Fashioned

Berry and Rye

Blackberry Whiskey Smash

Berry and Rye

I adored the Whiskey Smash – which was fruity, light and fresh with a fiery mint and whiskey ending. It inspired me. And as I walked out of the bar with my designated driver propping me up, I knew what I want to make.

Here’s the EXTRA good bit. With our cocktail creation, it’s an entry into a competition with Old Forester – so we’re ready for the fight fellow bloggers!

With our creation, we thought of a colour (Thanks for the tip Sam!!). And our colour scheme was pink and red. It’s our logo colour, our icon, and our pink balloon. We think of sweet like candy, and strawberry delight.

We thought we’d document what we did. But believe me, it took many trial and error – and many cocktails sipped by the family before we decided on this beauty.

I introduce to you the Liverpool Bloggers Cocktail to take over – VERY BERRY CANDY CRUSH…

So, above we have the method to the madness, which includes exactly:

3 Strawberries

Handful of cranberries

3 Teaspoons of Sugar

2 Egg Cup Measurements of Rose Lemonade

1 Egg Cup of ‘Old Forester’ Whiskey

Old Forester


1. Crush berrys

2. Add sugar, lemonade and whiskey – stir

3. Use a strainer to pour into container

4. Fill separate glass with crushed ice

5. Pour cocktail over ice

6. Add more ice if desired

7. Finish with strawberry and candy floss!

It’s exactly what I wanted it to be, and more – even including the candy floss stick to set your smells and sight off just as much as those taste buds.

After trying the whiskey, it’s become a favourite in the house. With our very own VERY BERRY CANDY CRUSH finishing off the bottle. Dad was very happy.

Thank you to the guys at Berry and Rye, we’ll be back. And thank you to Old Forester. We hope this is what you’re looking for – an inspired modern twist on an old-fashioned classic.

Old Forester Old ForesterOld ForesterOld ForesterOld Forester



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