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The Brink Liverpool Breakfast

It’s dark and dingy. Liverpool is showing her grey colours and she’s not happy. Rain, wind and a whole lotta’ coldness makes the start of this day a drag. But I’m happy. And my mum is happy. Why? Because we’re off for breakfast.

Usually on a Saturday, we’d end up in town – even with the weather as dismal as this. We’d start midday after a quick cuppa’ coffee at home, but today is quite different. Today, we’re hungry. Stumbling down Bold Street we discuss the day ahead. Breakfast, shop and go. Turning on to Slater Street, we moan about the weather and how if it snows this winter it’s going to be a nightmare driving on the ice. Quick diversion down Parr Street, and we find ourselves outside a place we’ve not been before. The Brink.

Heading through the doors, we’re welcomed with warmth and funky décor. With paper lanterns and plant pots swaying above us, the natural light is let in by the greenhouse effect of the building. It’s familiar, and it makes us smile.

The Brink Liverpool Breakfast

Greeted by one of the workers we’re welcome to take a seat and order at the bar. I scan the room with camera in hand…

We take a glance at the breakfast menu The Brink has to offer, and deciding quickly that one of us will go for the America Breakfast, while the other goes for traditional Full English. Washed down with a cuppa’ for two, and a fruit juice of some kind – I head to the bar.

The lady behind the counter has that Liverpool charm that I love, with a familiar tone and warmth to her personality. She tells me that she’s just made a detox fresh press juice and points towards the awesome machine that squishes and squashes the fruit down to an elegant juice. “Go for it!”

Waiting for our food, I tell Mother Bear about the concept of The Brink. She’s impressed with hearing that it’s the UK’s first dry bar and restaurant. She’s equally impressed that The Duchess of Cambridge came for a visit in 2012 as a patron of ‘Action on Addiction’.

The Brink Liverpool Breakfast The Brink Liverpool Breakfast

This UK charity believes it’s important to understand the hold of addiction and people’s reactions to it. With one in three people suffering from some for of addiction, in some way – it touches all our lives…

Revolutionary in its ways, I adore the positive feelings this building evokes. As a place that offers opportunity to those who’ve had problems with alcohol in the past, The Brink provides those in recovery with a community; a support system that promotes enjoyment, without the lingering tease of alcohol.

By this short time, the food has arrived. And, OH MY…

The Brink Liverpool Breakfast The Brink Liverpool Breakfast The Brink Liverpool Breakfast

Delicious just doesn’t cut it. My Dad would of went weak at the knees thinking about this portion size, and been ecstatic at the price. All we did was sit there, exchanging glances of sheer enjoyment.

Then the glorious juice arrived. We went for classic orange, and dared the detox style mentioned earlier. Mum took the plunge and went for the green one. With a look of complete satisfaction on her face, I took a sip expecting the worst. And was so happy to taste a smooth, refreshing blend of banana, lime, apple and kale.

The Brink Liverpool Breakfast

The idea of a fresh press juicer has worked its way around foodie places now, but I honestly think this is the place where it makes the most sense. With imaginative mocktails, and a juicy alternative – the absence of alcohol is positively welcomed.

Up on the ‘arl Facebook, Mum shares it and already has one her work mates going along next week to try out the American style to start the day. We posted it on our Twitter, and our bloggers loved the look of this place…

With its quirky bar setup, and positive atmosphere, it’s a place that embraced us when the cold outside was pushing us out. Watching the raindrops roll down the skylights above, we knew we’d come to the end of our visit. Taking one last potato tot mouthful on the way out, we’ve already planned our next visit.

Thank you, The Brink – you made our dingy day, delightful.

The Brink Liverpool Breakfast




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