Online Etiquette: Being Nice Gets You Everywhere

Now you might be a feisty character, or a chilled out cucumber – variety is the spice of life. Brands crave a personality that they can develop a relationship with and allow their product or service to flourish with your words. So never let that go. But these are my thoughts on Online Etiquette when it comes to bloggers and brands…

One that is major guys and gals, and I mean MAJOR is the way you portray yourself online. It is literally everything for a blogger. Each and every brand will judge you by the words your write, the images you post and the personality you portray. Are you someone they want representing their brand? Are you someone who they can see working with? Email Etiquette, Direct Messages, Inboxes and those informal Tweets all count towards your online persona.

QUEEN BLOGGERI recently got a tweet: “Direct email plz. Need to send an email.” – I won’t lie, I didn’t like it. It’s brash, it’s forward and it’s not something I wanted to follow up. “Hi there! Could we get your contact address please so I can pop you an email? Thanks!” – This is simple, easy enough and is polite. I’d get back to this person in a heartbeat compared to the one above. You’re talking to person behind the brand, remember.

Setting up an email is easy, even if you don’t know who it’s being directed to. These introductions count for a lot, and make an impression on who you’re speaking to. You always want to remain professional, yet personality filled. Your brand is you, so you always want to be yourself, but being too direct or too forward can put a company off working with you. They are looking to work with you, and with all working relationships – there is a line.

Reactions are also a big one. If something has gone wrong with a brand, then 9 times out of 10 – they already know before you’ve got to them. The way you come across when tackling an issue can affect future dealings. For example, one of my newsletters has played up. A select group of people aren’t receiving Blogger Projects – so I’m desperately trying to fix this, and continue to offer opportunities. A simple email would let me know. A pretty tweet to point us to your problem is welcomed. But a hastily formed message can go against you because in the heat of the moment, or when things aren’t going right – brands see the true you, and the you they might want to avoid getting involved with.

Always let the brand know why you should be the one to work with. I include this prompt in all the Blogger Project Newsletters so that you can explain why you’re the awesome one they should take a chance on. This is your time to shine, and use your blogger super powers to mystify and dazzle. They are looking for a reliable source to let in on their secrets and wonders, so don’t give them a reason to not pick the delightful you. Building up your online profile is what social media basically is nowadays. You can’t go to job without your potential future boss checking your Twitter and seeing what you’ve been up to. Give them a reason to get involved! Do your blogger duty and be an email savvy, DM mini, inbox beauty that knows how to talk the talk as well as stalk the stalk when eyeing people up on Instagram…



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