Feelin’ Chicken? Only One Place – Pattersons

Pattersons Bar. If you’ve been, then give me a HELL YES. Because you are incredibly gifted to have tasted this grub.

Not been yet? OH HELL NO. Get your chicken-butt over to Gradwell Street. NOW. And if you don’t know where that is, it’s the road next to the big Home and Bargain on Hanover Street. No missing it; there’s a chicken plastered to the front of it.

‘Chicken and Tunes’ – yeah, sounds about right. But this place has all the charisma and cheekiness that you want in an independent Liverpool gaff.

Pattersons Liverpool | Liverpool BloggersPattersons Liverpool | Liverpool Bloggers

Small place, packed full of fun. There’s a Hulk Hogan in above the bar holding a sign saying ‘Pete Price is a Lizard’ and a darts board ready for action. Odd-bod drawings and quotes on the wall make me feel all hipster and part of the forward momentum of Liverpool’s creative.

You wanna’ know what we had? Well I’ll tell you, but let’s just go over why Pattersons is epic when it comes to its menu:

Patterson’s famous buttermilk fried Chicken is brined for over 24 hours in our special mix of herbs and spices for depth of flavour and texture. Soaked in buttermilk for over an hour then dusted in our secret recipe flour before being fried to mouthwatering tastiness. Competing for top spot is the amazing burger selection with our meatylicious beef patty certainly not an afterthought on our menu.”

So again, I repeat. What did we get?

550g Fresh Chicken –
Marinated in Pattersons secret brine, soaked in buttermilk and then coated with Pattersons famous secret herbs and spices

Big Poppa Burger –
Beef patty, caramelised red onion chutney, roasted boasts cheese and onion rings

Mashed Potato with Cheese

BBQ Beans

Chilli cheese fries –
Topped with chilli beef, chilli cheese, jalepenos and tijuana hot sauce

Famous Chicken Gravy

This. THIS is what makes me happy in life. That gravy is honestly to die for. You like the KFC one? It’s got NOTHIN’ on this. KFC Chicken as well? Nope, wrong again. Because this boneless bite will keep you going for days thinking about how nice it is.

But that burger is a favourite of mine. In the whole entire world, a favourite. I am a huge fan of goats cheese and red onion in any form. Slap it on a tasty patty, you’ve won my heart.

I’ve got to even mention the mash potato. Cheese-tastic and ever so delicious. I finished my regular and wished I’d went for the large.

What’s even better is there is 2-4-1 cocktails all day everyday, I hear. So it’s always a good day for chicken. HOORAY!

Do you feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight?

See the menu here!

Pattersons Liverpool | Liverpool Bloggers Pattersons Liverpool | Liverpool Bloggers Pattersons Liverpool | Liverpool Bloggers Pattersons Liverpool | Liverpool Bloggers



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