Perfect Christmas Gifts at Pop Up Palm House Event

*Chanting* I LOVE LIVERPOOL – I LOVE LIVERPOOL – I LOVE LIVERPOOL – Because I fricken’ do. And today proved it beyond any doubt.

(If you’re looking for links to the fabulous vendors and more images, keep scrolling sister…)

Pop Up Palm House 2017

Pop Up at the Palm House is a completely FREE Event, so you should be heading there TOMORROW, because it’s only on this weekend.

Grab your Christmas presents, which I did today, and tick off that list of people to buy for that you made a few weeks ago on your phone notes.

I am so in love right now with the talent that is coming from Liverpool, and really – the North West.

All the vendors that made it along to the Palm House today (and tomorrow) – THANK YOU you for being so creative, and different, and so god damn impressive! I could have bought something from each and every one of you. But my bank was screaming “STOP. Okay, maybe that one then STOP.”

Pop Up Palm House 2017

If you’re heading there tomorrow, I have a few tips and tricks to get the most out of the PALM.

  • When you arrive, you’re probably going to queue a little bit, but I promise it’s worth it! The queue goes quick too with people coming and going all day.

  • When you head in, you will see the food vendors outside. Grab some fudge from What The Fudge (we bought Salted Caramel and it was AMAZE) and try the oil and balsamic vinegar combo from Greek Oil Direct (also bought both from here!). The Hungry Llama van was pretty busy, but the food looked YUM! I think that would be a good one to stop at for some hot grub. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative that still gets the taste buds sweating, go to Rosie & Organic just over the other side. There was also mince pies over here that look damn well delicious.

Pop Up Palm House 2017

Pop Up Palm House 2017

  • Heading inside the glass jungle, you’re welcomed by so many amazing people! Make sure you don’t miss anyone. I would suggest going around all the outside in a large circle, then when you end up at the from, front – walk through the middle – don’t forget the middle! We nearly missed all these guys, but I was heading back to make my last purchase from With Grace Jewellery – rings which actually fitted my teeny tiny hands! I was amazed. And it’s a Christmas present from my sister to me boxed off. We also stopped at Paper Victoria, where my niece bought the sweetest handmade animal ears. She also had reindeer ones, and I’m devastated I didn’t buy them now!

Pop Up Palm House 2017

  • When you’re looking around, make sure you take advantage of the ‘on the day’ prices. So many people said that certain products were that price for the one day only, which is obviously an incentive to buy. But if you’re ummm-ing and ahhhh-ing, just go for it. You won’t regret it, because all the brands were brilliantly special and it’s worth spreading that joy!


That’s a little run down of a few things to remember but I want to let you know who the BEST POP UP PALM HOUSE PERFECTIONISTS are, and I have linked a few of those that I caught below…

If you didn’t make it today, MAKE IT TOMORROW. I’m half hoping my sister suggests going back to pick up things I regret not buying! I’ll be taking snaps of my buys and uploading them to my Instagram soon, so make sure you’re following for more news on this fab fab fab city I call home!


The Chocolate Cellar


Pretty Pricks

The Thomas-Coles

The Naked Candle Co

The Hungry Llama

Rosie & Organic

Jazz Stan Artwork

Paper Victoria

With Grace Jewellery

What The Fudge


Pop Up Palm House 2017 Pop Up Palm House 2017 Pop Up Palm House 2017 Pop Up Palm House 2017 Pop Up Palm House 2017 Pop Up Palm House 2017 Pop Up Palm House 2017








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