Review Bag Bonanza at the #LivBloggersParty


Gifts for Me and You are a treat, and one that I’d love to keep in touch with. Stephanie and Alex attended the event on behalf of their brand, and got chatting away with the bloggers. Networking is key guys! They created the most beautiful gifts for our bloggers, and gave us the most beautiful handmade Kaftan that I couldn’t stop swanning about the house in. The quality of the products is up there with top boutiques, and her contagious personality shines through their designs. Personalising a lot of the review bags, Stephanie made sure the bloggers were more than delighted with their gift for review. They brand has a store over the water, located 120 Seabank Road, Wallasey – and we’re keen to get over there and check our more of their handmade beauties.


Noctua is a brand that we have become familiar with on so many levels. With Brittany and I having attended the same school and being reunited at a Blogger Event earlier in the year, we’re so happy they could get involved in the #LivBloggersParty. Providing the gift of magic and healing, Brittany creates crystal jewellery to enchant your soul. Each blogger received a beautiful package of Rose Quartz chips for unconditional love & self-love. An agate tumble stone which gives courage, emotional strength, and self-confidence. Or White sage to burn in a heat proof dish while guiding the smoke around areas that need cleansing in your home. White sage has been used by Native Americans for hundreds of years to remove negative energy and spirits from areas. We’ve bought trinkets from here before, and will continue to be inspired by Noctua.


The Vintage Corner is a company that we adore because they’re all things personal, fashionable and unique. They got involved by providing individual pink envelopes addressed to each blogger, gifting them with money off to spend in their store. Free money basically, because once you step foot in that shop, you’re awed by the vintage fashion on offer. If you’re one of the bloggers, then definitely don’t let this one go to waste. We’ve bought a few things from there that are a statement piece needed for the wardrobe attire….


Inky Trail also came down to the event, with Faaizah repping the brand. What a lovely lady that I hope to see more of in the future. With a budding business at her hands, she creates custom t-shirts made from only the best quality. Providing a voucher in our review bags, we can’t wait to see what the brands buy from here. We love the bearded man. We want him, now! It was fabulous that Faaizah joined us, and got speaking with the girls from Gifts for Me and You. Networking away, it was a chance for brands to swap their stories and get advice and give advice to the bloggers who were about to be shocked and ecstatic by their review bag gifts…


One of the most recognised brands to get involved with the event was Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols that have a store – that we all know and love, in Liverpool One. Those sparkling floors and dazzling lights; those shades of bronzes and shimmers of lip-gloss – ooooooo it’s just too good. We were lucky enough for them to get involved with our blogger event, with them gifting each blogger their own bag full of goodies. Now, we don’t peak – we’d NEVER peak… but you know it’s going to be amazing, right?




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