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Clouds up above, but hey – it’s Sunday Funday! (And as I write this, the sun appears to be sneaking out. This IS exciting!) A bite to eat with Ropewalks on Hanover Street is more than welcomed.

Let’s get right to the good stuff. Food.

No starters for us today; I dive straight in the a Grill Platter, which really REALLY surprised me with how nice it was. The Rump Steak – and that’s usually not my favourite cut – was tender and juicy. The gammon cooked to perfection. The meat on this dish is gorgeous, and I’m so happy I went with this choice.

The boyfriend went for a sweet potato and chickpea curry; a very odd choice for the meat lover. (I think I stole his dish because we try not to get the same to add variety to my posts… oopsies!) He enjoyed his meal though, and that’s saying something about the usual carnivore. A great option for vegetarians!

Ropewalks | Liverpool Bloggers Ropewalks | Liverpool Bloggers

We finished off with a Cheese Board, and a Double Chocolate Tart. My dessert – obviously the chocolate one – was luxurious and demanded an ‘mmmmmmmmm’ with each bite. With the cream and touch of fruit, it broke up the richness perfectly.

Ropewalks | Liverpool Bloggers Ropewalks | Liverpool Bloggers

Ropewalks itself is a lovely setup. The large space underneath the Novotel made it feel as though it was more of a bar. But the food we ordered showed me it contends as a grill just as much as a bar.

The food was the best element of the Ropewalks; this out of food tastiness, service, waiting time, atmosphere and menu selection. I liked the decor that surrounded us and the vibe it puts across – it even has a pool table to enjoy. You’d think it would look out of place but it seemed to fit the bar feel, and the combination would work well in the evenings.

One other thing I really like is how they are engaging with people over social media. Inviting people to upload a photo, and they’ll receive a Free Pud. Things like that – I very much like. Get the people involved! Great little incentives.

We left feeling stuffed, and happily surprised over the meal I’d just devoured. Thanks Ropewalks, I’ll be back to try out the Scouse Bird Cocktail at some point!

Ropewalks | Liverpool Bloggers Ropewalks | Liverpool Bloggers


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